When is Infection Coming to Halo Infinite? – Answered


by Noah Nelson
Image: 343 Industries

Infection is an extremely popular game mode in the Halo franchise and many are wondering when Infection will come to Halo Infinite. A brand new season is here with new maps and modes, but are we going to see Infection in Halo Infinite any time soon?

Halo Infinite: When is Infected Coming, Explained

Infection, or Infected as many of us remember the announcer saying just as the match began, is a game mode where some of the players are zombies and others are regular survivors.

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Usually, the zombies have some enhanced abilities like super speed or invisibility and they never carry a ranged weapon, just things like Swords. Infection is an exhilarating game mode that many Halo Infinite fans are excited to get their hands on.

Unfortunately, Infection isn’t coming in Halo Infinite Season 3. We do know that we are getting a Escalation Slayer game mode, which is sort of like Gun Game in other FPS titles, and Tactical Slayer – Bandit which removes shields and motion trackers, but we aren’t getting Infected quite yet.

It has been leaked that people have played Halo Infinite’s Infection mode. These leaks have since been removed and scrubbed from all records, but the people who played Infection reported that it is really fun and should be coming very soon.

Unless 343 Industries shadow drops Infection into Halo Infinite Season 3, we’ll have to wait to see if Infection comes With Season 4, which is said to come around mid-June of 2023.

For now, you can enjoy Halo Infinite’s new content, check how many people are still playing Halo Infinite, and maybe replay the campaign missions. While Halo Infinite’s launch and post-game updates have been pretty disappointing, we still have hope that the game will come around and eventually get better.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2023