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Where To Buy An Xbox Series X/Series S – January 2021 Restock Guide

Track down the elusive Xbox Series X or S.

by Dean James


New consoles are all the rage right now after the launch of a next generation console from not only one company back in November, but two. While the Nintendo Switch still continues to sell incredibly well, both Microsoft and Sony jumped into the next console generation with their latest consoles. While the PS5 may be the most sought after overall due to the exclusives available on it, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been just about as hard to find in the couple months since. For this reason, we have come up with a guide that can serve as a hub for the rest of the month on tips to acquire one and sites that have put them up for sale.

Where To Buy an Xbox Series X/Series X

The only difference between the two SKUs for the PS5 are having a disc drive and not having a disc drive, but that is not the case with the new Xbox consoles. The Xbox Series X is the top of the line premium console at $499.99, while the Xbox Series S is the lower end model that is still quite powerful on its own at $299.99.

Trying to find these consoles has been a game in of itself, but they have definitely gone up for sale here and there. What is different from the past though is that stores are selling them pretty much exclusively online due to COVID, even if they are being picked up in store. As a result, the game is different than it usually is and you will need to utilize some different tactics to be successful.

The most useful strategy this time around is to utilize Twitter alerts on certain accounts. @Wario64 is the best at game related alerts, though the issue with his account is he shares a lot of deals and such, so you will be getting a lot of notifications. However, if you know one is going to be coming on a certain day, you could choose that day to follow him.

For a more narrowly focused account that is exclusively for Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S alerts, you can try out @XboxStockAlerts. The only downside here compared to the comparable PS5 stock alert Twitter is that it doesn’t seem to post as often, including when sites will be having upcoming stock. That is especially why we will be updating this article with information about upcoming stock when it is announced or rumored to help you out. For when they actually go up for sale though, that Twitter account is very useful to sign up for alerts on.

The following will be a list of stores that have had stock this month or will be having stock and will be updated when they are known to be sold out. Keep an eye out for the rest of the month and then check back in February for a new article focused exclusively on that month.

1/15 – Dell (SOLD OUT)

1/21 – GameStop is going to have stock for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at some point on this day. (SOLD OUT)

1/21 – Best Buy (SOLD OUT)

1/21 – Walmart will have Xbox Series X at 3 pm ET

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2021

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