Where to Catch Eiscue in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Catching this Pokemon may leave you a little chilly

by Kara Phillips

As is the way with most Pokemon releases, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet host a variety of game-exclusive Pokemon. Eiscue is one of the Pokemon exclusive to Violet. Unfortunately, Scarlet players must rely on fellow trainers or mystery trades to receive this sweet little Ice Cube Penguin Pokemon. That being said, just because the species is game-exclusive doesn’t mean Violet players will be able to locate one in the wild immediately, and they can still be pretty challenging to come by unless you know where to head. So if you’re looking for an Eiscue to add to your party or Pokedex, read on. Maybe catch a pair to trade with a Scarlet Trainer, too.

Where to Find Eiscue in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Due to this Pokemon’s Ice-Type, it is no surprise that this species is predominantly found around Glasaedo Mountain and the water surrounding it. However, this species is particularly partial to swimming around the sea instead of freely roaming across the snow, so if you can’t find one on land, take to the water to try your hand. Any sea towards the map’s north is a safe bet for trainers hunting for Eiscue, but their appearance can sometimes make it pretty challenging to spot among the waves. Luckily the species is incredibly curious and will happily swim up to any Trainer to swim near them.


Although the map suggests that Eiscue can exclusively be found within the sea, much like most sea-dwelling Pokemon, the species will occasionally wander onto land. Whether that’s on the shoreline where you can easily access one or finding a small patch of land in the sea to bask on for a moment, there will be a chance for you to catch one without having to spend too much time on the back of your legendary, wading through the water. This species also appears in four-star raids across Paldea in Pokemon Violet, so keep an eye out for any of those too, if you’re struggling to find one in the wild.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 23rd, 2022

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