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Where to Check if NBA 2K22 Servers Are Down?

Are the servers for NBA 2K22 down today?

by C.J. Keller


The NBA 2K series is notorious for having problematic launches when it comes to the online aspect of the game.   This year’s game hasn’t been much different with the NBA 2K22 Servers seeing sporadic downtime since the game launched.  So where you can you check if NBA 2K22 Servers are down or if you’re having your own connection issues?  This guide will explain where you can check if the 2K servers are down or not.

NBA 2K22 Where to Check if Servers Are Dow

NBA 2K has a server status page that you can check which will lists all of the platforms that the game is on and whether they are down or not.  Simply head to the NBA 2K Server Status Page  to see if the game is up and running on your platform of choice.  The site lists the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, Epic Games, and Stadia platforms and offers a both a status of the service and comments.

If things are functioning normally you will see that the Status is green and says “Normal”  the comments should also say “Up and Running”.

The status page for 2K will also let you know about problems in other areas of the game.

NBA 2K Server Status for Modes

  • 2KTV
  • Locker Codes
  • My Career
  • My GM
  • My League
  • NBA Today
  • Online Leagues
  • Play With Friends
  • Roster Creator
  • 2K Sports Store
  • My Park
  • My Team

Again, for all of these modes they will offer both a Status and Comments regarding that status.  If everything is fine that status will be listed as “normal” with the comments being “up and running”.

Are the Servers Down in NBA 2K22?

You might want to check to see if your own internet connection is working properly if you check the area above and find that the servers are online.  Run though the normal protocol of checking things like your modem, wifi router or other things that might be stopping you from connecting to NBA 2K.

When will the 2K Servers Be Back Up?

If you head to the site above and find that the servers are down, it’s not going to give you any indication of when the servers will be back online.  A good place to check when the servers will be back online or a timeline for other issues to be resolved is by following 2K on Twitter, Mike Wang or heading to the game’s official reddit page.

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