Where to Find an Alteration Altar in Fortnite

Lycanthropes in Fortnite? Who would've thought?

by Amitesh Dhar


With the new Fortnitemares update, Epic Games added a new Mythic weapon to the game. In order to get your hands on this weapon, you will have to complete a ritual at an Alteration Altar in Fortnite.

This altar is one-of-a-kind and will transform you into a deadly werewolf, allowing you to use the Howler Claws Mythic weapon. With this weapon equipped, you will be able to perform a diverse range of attacks and you will also have an interesting set of abilities.

How to Complete the Ritual at an Alteration Altar in Fortnite

Before moving on to how to complete the ritual, you need to know where to find an Alteration Altar in Fortnite. As mentioned in the Fortnitemares 2022 blog, these altars can be found close to the Reality Tree itself. However, they’re spread all throughout the island. The map below should help you locate these altars without much difficulty.


If you’re having trouble finding these altars just by looking at the map, head over to your game and make your way to the quests tab. Under that tab, click on the Fortnitemares quests, and then click the quest which requires you to dance at an Alteration Altar in Fortnite. Once you’ve selected the quest, a button that says “Track Quest” should show up at the bottom of your screen. Click on that, and you should see blips on your map with a star mark on them, as seen in the image above. Just place a marker on one of these blips and you should be able to locate an Alteration Altar in Fortnite once you’ve landed on the island.

When you reach these altars, you should be able to pull up the emote wheel and use the emote that’s made available to you. Once you’ve completed the emote you should receive the Howler Claws Mythic. Not only that, but you will also transform into a werewolf in Fortnite. That will help you complete one of the two Fortnitemares challenges available today. There are a few free rewards associated with these quests, so make sure you complete all of them for all the rewards.

That concludes our Fortnite Alteration Altar location guide. To celebrate Fortnitemares 2022, Epic Games has added a host of new skins including a Mr. Meeseeks skin which is available in the Item Shop right now. For more guides, check out our dedicated Fortnite Guides page.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on October 18th, 2022

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