Where to Find Beanie in Bear and Breakfast

Need to find Beanie in Bear & Breakfast? Find out where you'll need to go here!

by Shaun Cichacki


A lot of games give you a hint of what you’ll be doing, but Bear & Breakfast wears its heart on its sleeve, as you control Hank, the bear, running a Bed & Breakfast in the woods. You’ll control this adorable hero as you build your perfect quarters, and help the locals solve mysteries around them. However, you’ll need to sometimes track down those that have gone a bit too far away, much like Beanie in this game of hide and seek.

Where do you find Beanie in the world of Bear & Breakfast? Let’s make our way into the woods and start our search, as we track her down and find out where she’s hiding in this adorable life simulation title.

Where To Find Beanie in Bear & Breakfast

Head outside of your B&B and head towards the Busses that are to the East and speak with Oliver. Once you have arrived, you’ll have one of your first quests to partake in: delivering mail. While this normally would be a boring affair, you’re a bear running a B&B for goodness sakes, of course, something exciting is bound to happen on your journey.

You’ll be told to head West, towards the town of Sawdust, which is a whole new area to explore. You’ll be able to find different objects that you can use, alongside the ability to finally chat with a few different people. Depending on the time of day, you’ll notice someone near the large watchtower that is located in the North of Sawdust. Make your way there at any time, and you’ll spot a female either at the bottom of the tower during the day, or up the tower at night.

You’ll want to talk to her, and she’ll reveal that her name is Sabine. Is this who you’re looking for? As you’ll come to find out, yes, it is! Sabine’s nickname is Beanie, and for making your way out to her location, you’ll be granted the compass, which will allow you to navigate around the world with even more ease.

If you’ve been looking to play the perfect summer cozy game, Bear & Breakfast may be exactly what you’re looking for. Mixing equal parts of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, you’ll find plenty of charm and love has been put into this darling little indie title, and you’ll also find that the developers of this game are extremely receptive on their Official Twitter Page! Make sure that you’re ready to venture into the world of Bear & Breakfast, and find your new favorite life sim!

Bear & Breakfast is available now on PC, with a release coming soon on Nintendo Switch.

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