Where To Find Corestones In Wild Hearts

Find out where to claim these amazing objects in Wild Hearts!

by Shaun Cichacki

For gamers hoping to become more powerful than ever expected in Wild Hearts, finding items such as the Corestones will allow gamers the perfect chance to upgrade their weapons to the most powerful versions of themselves with ease. But, if players are unsure where to get their hands on these effective items, they can find themselves lost quite easily.

Unlike Kemono parts that can be tracked in the game, these particular items need to be searched for, and thankfully, we know exactly where players should begin looking. Grab your weapon of choice, and let’s head out into the vast world of Wild Hearts to claim some Corestones of our own.

Where Can You Find Corestones In Wild Hearts


Gamers looking to stock up on plenty of Corestones need to start checking caves and caverns for these bright orange ores, as they will likely be the Corestones that you are searching for. There is a chance that it may end up being just a standard ore, but more often than not, the Corestone will be the item received from them.

No matter which part of the island that players find themselves on, Corestones are going to grow in dark and dank places, such as the aforementioned caves and caverns. They do not appear on vertical surfaces, those are more likely going to be smaller crystals, even if they are the same color. All players will need to do is approach these orange crystals, and tap the prompt on the screen to start scavenging as many as possible.

These items are important, especially to those gamers that are hoping to get their hands on some more powerful weapons with the help of other Kemono parts. More often than not, the Corestone will be the base piece required to start building stronger weapons and armor, so stocking up before going on your next hunt by yourself or with your friends is going to be quite important.

No matter the console you play on, Wild Hearts puts an unfamiliar spin on a familiar franchise, and has quite a bit of excitement underneath the surface. As players keep digging deeper, on their own or with their friends, there is a great chance that this could become their next obsession.

Wild Hearts is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.