Where To Find Paldean Wooper In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Find out where to capture Paldean Wooper in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

by Shaun Cichacki

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have now been released to the masses, and with a new region comes new regional Pokemon. Finding familiar faces in a new form is always exciting, much like when players are out hunting for Shiny Pokemon. However, seeing a second-generation favorite make its way to the new region is a great thing, especially when paired with a new type.

Paldean Wooper has been a big favorite since its initial reveal, so players may be on the hunt for one of these adorable Poison/Ground-type Pokemon quickly. Finding one early and pushing for its final evolution will make the game more exciting for players, so grab a hat and backpack, and prepare for the ultimate Treasure Hunt!

Where To Find Paldean Wooper In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


As players take their first steps into the world, one of the first monsters they may encounter could likely be this regional variant. Not being the most common spawn in the world, this creature likes to inhabit areas near ponds and wetlands. Making sure to check these kinds of areas are a surefire way to capture one of these monsters quickly, so check these areas for the best luck:

  • Poco Path
  • Cabo Poco
  • South Province (Area Four)
  • South Province (Area One)
  • South Province (Area Two)
    • Rarer Spawn
  • South Province (Area Three)
    • Rarer Spawn

For those players that miss their favorite original Wooper, there is also a chance to trade this Paldean version for a normal Wooper in the game. In the town of Cascarrafa, players can find a young woman standing in front of a fountain in the middle of this seaside village. Speaking with her will prompt an opportunity to trade your newly captured Paldean Wooper for its original form, giving you a chance to obtain its normal evolutionary line.

No matter if you’re searching for old favorites like Pikachu or new monsters like Gimmighoul, there is more than enough action to keep players coming back to the newest entry in the Pokemon franchise. The moment the world opens up to players and they have the choice of where to go, this world truly comes alive for everyone to enjoy. Night and Day, this is the best that Pokemon has felt in quite some time, so these exciting additions to the roster can help bolster this title to new heights that even the Titans can’t bring them down from.

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