Where to Find Safes in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

That's a lot of gold!

by Amitesh Dhar


Every week, Epic Games’ flagship battle royale sees the arrival of brand new challenges. One challenge this week will have you scourge the island for safes in Fortnite. Introduced back in Chapter 2 Season 5, you could loot these safes for a steady supply of gold bars.

Although there are other ways to earn gold bars in the game, looting safes in Fortnite is by far, the quickest way to stock up on gold bars in the game. There are more than 50 safes on the island, but where do you find them?

Where to Open Safes in Fortnite?

Ideally, safes can be found all over the island in Fortnite. They’re usually inside houses and big buildings that you will come across during your multiple expeditions on the island. The map below will help you find these safes easily in the game. However, the moment you find and open a safe, you will end up completing only half of the challenge. To complete the other half you will have to open a lock with a key.


Where to Open a Lock With a Key in Fortnite?

The easiest way to open a lock with a key in Fortnite is by opening a vault in the game. Epic Games introduced these vaults in Fortnite during Chapter 3 Season 4 itself. These vaults are a source of really good loot, which also has the potential to turn the course of the game in your favor.

However, finding a key and then opening a vault with it is somewhat tedious, and depends a lot upon your luck. The map below will show you the approximate position of all the vaults on the island.


You can either choose to pick up one key and then open a vault and then be on your way to loot safes in Fortnite. However, if you notice the map above very carefully, you will notice that there are a few vaults that have two locks on them. This indicates that you will need two keys to open these vaults. The interesting bit about these dual-locked vaults is the fact that you will come across atleast one safe inside these vaults.

Although it does sound a bit risky, you will end up killing two birds with one stone, or in this case, two halves of a challenge in one go. The only catch is the fact that you will have to find two keys instead of one. Either way, the two methods by which you can complete this challenge are mentioned above, so choose a method that you find convenient. Have fun out there looper!

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Fortnite is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and Android.


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