Where to Find Self-Revive Box in Warzone DMZ

Are you trying to track down the Self Revive Box in Warzone DMZ?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Warzone DMZ has a vast array of Field Upgrades to find and utilize but some like the Self-Revive box are extremely powerful and sought after by players. I know that having this in your gear will make all the difference to your DMZ run for staying on the go. This article will take you through where to find a Self-Revive Box in Warzone DMZ.

Best Ways to Find the Self-Revive Box in Warzone DMZ

At the time of writing, the specific details about where the Self-Revive box can be found are still unknown. However, it is highly likely in my opinion that this will be found similar to all of the other Field Upgrades. You should be able to eventually find the Self-Revive Box by searching through containers such as Supply Crates.

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Strongholds will also be a brilliant bet for finding Field Upgrades like the Self-Revive Box. These are indicated by castle/tower icons on the map. Clearing Strongholds will allow you to gain a lot of useful loot so they are highly worth your time. Overall, your usual Field Upgrade sources will be where you want to search for the Self-Revive Box. The train for example in Al Mazrah will be a great choice to begin the search.

What Does the Self-Revive Box Do in Warzone DMZ?

The Self Revive Box works very closely like a Munitions Box. You will be able to throw it down on the ground and in turn, can get Self-Revives. These will allow you to pick yourself back up again when you are knocked down on the ground. Usually in DMZ you only get one Self-Revive in a container whereas this Field Upgrade will essentially let you get a full squad set of Self-Revives — perfect for any situation!

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If you are planning to look for a specific field upgrade, this is certainly one of them that you should try and find quickly. Now it’s time to jump back into the DMZ and start the search for the Self-Revive Box.

- This article was updated on August 2nd, 2023

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