Where to Find All the Mirroria Gachapon Machines in Tower of Fantasy | All Mirroria Gachapon Locations

Are you ready to get some Matrices and Red Nuclei?

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Tower of Fantasy‘s version 2.0 debuted on October 20, 2021, bringing to players the debut of the massive region of Vera, as well as that of its capital, Mirroria, a cyberpunk city filled with new features. With that said, among the new features, players will be able to access the long-awaited and extremely handy Gachapon Machines, which can then be used to gain matrix sets and a wide array of Gacha currencies. But where can you find the Gachapon Machines in the city of Mirroria in Tower of Fantasy? Now, in order to answer that and more, here’s where to find and how to use the Mirroria Gachapon Machines in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Find the Mirroria Gachapon Machines in Tower of Fantasy | All Mirroria Gachapon Locations

In total, you can find a total of 6 series of Gachapon machines on Mirroria. One in the Oasis Club area, which features Crow Matrices among its rewards. One on Mirafleur Hall. One on the Asset Management area. One in the Hazardous Materials Area. And two in the Reception area, which will be the first area you will visit after arriving on Mirroria.

You can check out the exact location of all Gachapon Machines featured in Mirroria on the map below:


How to Get Mira and Pull on the Gachapon Machines

Once you find your desired Gachapon Machine, you will be able to pull on them by expanding Mira, a currency rewarded by opening password chests in the Vera region. Each Matrix-focused Gachapon Machine will allow you the chance to get all 4-pieces of the determined Matrix, as you can see in the image below. You will also be able to get a wide array of different rewards, such as new cosmetics, consumables, and Red/Golden Nuclei, among other Gacha currencies. and enhancement materials.


You can play Tower of Fantasy right now on PC, Android, and IOS.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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