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Resident Evil 2 Where to Get T-Bar Tool For Locked Sewer Doors

You'll need this item to move things forward in the Sewer.

by William Schwartz


If you’re going to save Ada or Sherry you’re going to need the T-bar tool to open pathways in the Sewers area.  It’s going to be a requirement to open the doors necessary to collect the chess piece plugs that are needed for the puzzle to open the doors.

The T-bar tool will be found outside of the Monitor Room near the Treatment Pool.  Coming from the Monitor Room you will need to lower a bridge to get to this area.  Once you have lowered the bridge and crossed you will look for the T-bar on a desk with a radio and a computer on it.   The T-bar itself is red in color and will be lying on top of a cloth.

Once you have the t-bar there are numerous doors and shortcuts that can be opened in the Sewer area.  The middle and lower levels have doors locked by t-bar and the underground facility’s upper area also has an area that can be accessed with the t-bar that will allow you to freely move back into the police station

You can find the T-Bar using the map below at the location in the image above and it will be a mandatory item that you need to progress the story.

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