Where to Start With Final Fantasy on Switch: The Best Final Fantasy Games on Nintendo Switch

Find out which of these epic titles are worth your time and money!

by Shaun Cichacki


For players new to the Final Fantasy series, you are in luck. Not only do you have a vast selection of great choices to choose from on the Nintendo Switch, but you’ll also be able to take these games on the go, letting you indulge in their rich storylines wherever you may be. And when these games can go over 50 or more hours, you’ll want to sink as much time in whenever you possibly can.

But, which are the best Final Fantasy games that you can get on the Nintendo Switch? Follow along with us as we tell you which ones you should get, and which is our personal pick for the must-have Final Fantasy game on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch – Best Final Fantasy Games


Since the Final Fantasy series launched in 1987, there have been countless mainline entries, spin-offs, and more that bring your favorite characters to life. You’ll find a new story in every one of the games, but there are a few that stand tall above the rest. These are our picks for the best Final Fantasy games on Nintendo Switch!

5. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age


For those that are long-time Final Fantasy fans, Final Fantasy XII was slightly controversial at release. Playing more like an MMORPG in its battle system, but blossoming over the length of the game, you’ll find yourself in for a treat, as long as you’re willing to dump the time in that is needed to get the hang of its new combat system. Storywise, you’ll be looking at one of the more competent entries in the series, and one that features a lot more politics than your normal Final Fantasy title. A diamond in the rough, for sure! The Zodiac Age improves on everything that made the PS2 classic great and brings an amazing title onto the handheld.

4. World of Final Fantasy: Maxima


If you’re not a fan of chibi designs, this may not be the Final Fantasy game for you. However, if you are into the hyper-stylized Japanese art style, this game may be right up your alley. Featuring chibi-find versions of your favorite characters from across the series, you’ll set out on an epic quest that has you catching monsters like Pokemon, and utilizing their powers in battle. You’ll also be able to bring fan-favorite characters from throughout the series to help you out, and seeing a chibi version of Cloud Strife performing the Omnislash never gets old. While the story is a little less epic than its big brothers and sisters, you’ll still find a lot to love in World of Final Fantasy: Maxima.

3. Final Fantasy X-X2


This classic title is now available to be taken with you everywhere that you go, and there is a reason that players both old and new still love this title. Bringing along a great cast of characters, you’ll follow in the shoes of Tidus as he is swept away to a new land and needs to destroy Sin, the ultimate life form. In its direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, you’ll follow along with Yuna, a fan favorite from the previous game. Taking everything that was done before and polishing it to perfection, you’ll find two tales that are absolute classics in their own rites. You cannot go wrong with this double pack of games, as you’ll get over 100 hours of value in them.

2. Final Fantasy VIII


The remaster that fans never expected to happen finally did, and to great results. Final Fantasy VIII was thought to be lost to time, as the source code of the game went MIA many years prior. However, Square was able to resurrect this title and deliver the best possible version of it, bringing Squall and friends to life in vivid HD. As you follow along on Squall’s quest to become a member of SeeD, you’ll come across emotional story beats, and possibly the coolest weapon in the series, the Gunblade. This is a story you won’t want to miss!

1. Final Fantasy IX


The best Final Fantasy game that you’ll be able to get your hands on for the Nintendo Switch is Final Fantasy IX. Bringing along a creative, fun, and cute art style, mixed with one of the most exciting stories in the Final Fantasy series, you’ll find the definitive version of this title on the hybrid console. Not only will you be able to take this game on the road with you to experience the epic tale of Zydaine and friends, but you’ll also have to do your best trying not to cry while you’re in public when some of the story beats hit. A game that will gut you, and make you feel emotions not since felt in the series, along with the best cast of characters in the series. You’ll be missing out on a true gem if you don’t pick this title up.

And that’s our ranking of the best Final Fantasy titles that you can get on the Nintendo Switch! You’ll find a plethora of newer titles coming out, like Chocobo GP, but these tried and true classics are where your money is best spent.

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