Who Should You Give Scrolls to in Elden Ring?

Who can players rely on to ensure their new spells will be safe?

by Marc Magrini


Elden Ring has some of the best sorceries in any FromSoftware game, and there are plenty of ways for players to get their hands on them. While many sorceries are tied to rewards for defeating bosses and following NPC questlines, there are a few that can only be obtained through scrolls. These scrolls can be given to specific merchants, allowing players to purchase new spells for use later on. But with how many quests can lead to these NPCs getting put in grave danger, players will need to decide which ones are the best choices to give scrolls to.

The Best NPC to Give Scrolls to in Elden Ring

The only notable sorcerer that can accept scrolls is Sellen. However, she has a special questline that can lead to her becoming unavailable for a period of time. She can also be killed if the player decides to target her, making it impossible for her to accept new scrolls. Thankfully, there is another merchant that can take Sellen’s place. Players should seek out Miriel, Pastor of Vows located at the Church of Vows. This location is directly east of the Raya Lucaria Academy; it can even be reached through a portal inside the academy.

Miriel takes a form unlike any other NPC. Still, you’ll be able to share any scroll you like with the pastor. Each sorcery within will be added to Miriel’s shop, and the prices won’t be any different from Sellen’s. Be warned, however, that you can kill Miriel as well. Doing so will make it impossible to share further scrolls. On a more positive note, the pastor does not have any major questlines ending in tragedy or death. Players can rest easy knowing that Miriel will keep their spells safe if they don’t have enough runes to purchase them.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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