Wild Hearts Deathstalker Combat Guide: Weakness, Recommended Weapon, and More

Here's how you can make one of the most brutal hunts more manageable.

by Christian Bognar
How to Beat Deathstalker in Wild Hearts

Do you need help taking down the powerful Kemono Deathstalker in Wild Hearts? There’s a reason for that, as this is one of the most challenging beasts you’ll encounter all game. While challenging, there are tips and tricks you can do to make this fight more manageable. Using the right strategy before the hunt is essential, as correct preparation can make all the difference in how much damage you do to the Kemono and how much damage you take. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know regarding the Deathstalker and how you can take down this Kemono once and for all.

Wild Hearts: Deathstalker Combat Tips and Tricks Guide

Just like any hunt, you must eat the right ingredients that will help you during your hunt. Better yet, drying ingredients on a Drying Rack will increase the benefits you receive from eating, whether it’s higher health, defense, resistance to elements, and more. For the Deathstalker, it is highly recommended you eat ingredients that buff your defense along with dodge speed, considering this Kemono is known for its lightning-fast speed.

As you make your way to the Deathstalker’s location, build a tent near its location by upgrading the Dragon Pit in the area. This will allow you to return to the fight quickly for another try if you end up being defeated. You can also build Flying Vines to scale the area and get back to the battle quicker than running if needed.

Deathstalker’s Weakness and Recommended Weapon


Although the Deathstalker is weakest against Lunge weapons, the smarter route would be to use the Claw Blades due to its two abilities, the Claw Plunge and Wingblade Power Lunge. These two abilities can keep you tethered to the Deathstalker, allowing you to deal damage as the beast leaps around the battlefield consistently. If you target Kemono’s physical weakness, Lunge, then the next point in this article about equipping fire is even more critical, considering weapons that fall under Lunge are slower than the Claw Blades.

Since the Deathstalker is labeled as a water(ice) Kemono, fire is the best enhancement for your weapon. A weapon that focuses on fire will deal significantly more damage than one without this element. Also, armor that protects you against water and ice will minimize the damage the Deathstalker can land on you, giving you a better chance of surviving the hunt. You can upgrade your weapons at the forge and unlock the slots for fire on the skill tree. The game will tell you precisely what materials you need to upgrade each weapon once you awaken the specific space on the skill tree.

The Deathstalker’s weakest point on its body is the Head and Tail, so those should be the spots you aim for while attacking. It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t consistently land hits on these two locations, but focusing on them will have you dealing more damage overall.

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