Wild Hearts Kingtusk Combat Guide: Weakness, Recommended Weapon, and More

Take down this giant boar!

by Christian Bognar
Wild Hearts Kingtusk Combat Guide

Wild Hearts is a challenging hunting game that requires proper preparation to defeat the Kemono. Each Kemono has its weaknesses and strategy that you’ll need to learn, or else it is more likely than not you will fail the hunt and have to start over again. Studying each Kemono will lead you to use the correct Karakuri, the proper weapon, and even eat the right food. One of the tougher Kemono in Wild Hearts is none other than Kingtusk. If you are having trouble defeating Kingtusk, this guide is for you as it will provide the Kemono’s weakness, the weapon we recommend you use, and other essential tips for this fight.

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First things first, you need to make sure you dry food before you depart for the fight. Eating can make all the difference in this game, and cooking with the right ingredients can increase your defense, health, and even attack power, making you hit harder and take the Kingtusk out quicker. If you still need to create a Drying Rack, craft one near your campground. Remember, you need to activate a Dragon Pit to access the opportunity to prepare the Drying Rack.

The Kingtusk is weak to Fire, so equipping a weapon with fire enhancements will grant you a significant buff in this fight. You can tell if your weapon has fire enhancements whether or not there is a fire symbol next to your current slot on the skill tree (see the image below).


As shown in the image below, Kingtusk’s weakness lies mainly in the head, with weak points also being found everywhere except for the Tusks. Your primary focus should be avoiding attacking the tusks at all costs, or you will only do minor damage. Additionally, Kingtusk is weakest against Slash or Lunge weapons shown under “Physical Effectiveness.” We recommended the Karakuri Katana.


The trick here is to use your Karakuri “Bulwark” when you see Kingtusk winding up to charge at you. This is the strongest attack the Kemono has, and being able to block him in its track by building the Bulwark will stun the beast and allow you to rain as many attacks as possible while it’s on the ground. Repeat this process whenever you see Kingtusk getting ready to charge at you while attacking mainly the head and other weak points when you find an opening. Also, your Springs Karakuri is the perfect way to dodge quickly around the battlefield, creating distance between you and the Kemono.

You follow all these critical steps in preparation, and during the fight, you will take down Kingtusk in no time.

Wild Hearts will be available on February 17, 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.