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Wolcen – How Many Skills and Skill List

Mix and match these skills to annihilate your foes.

by Brandon Adams


Wolcen, the newest ARPG to launch on Steam, has a fluid class system with a healthy amount of skills to murder enemies with. How many skills, exactly? I’m here to tell you, and break them down per catergory.

There are 36 active skills in Wolcen, split into three categories.

In Wolcen there are 36 skills and they are split between Melee, Dagger/Bow/Pistol, and Staff/Catalyst categories. While skills are locked to certain weapon archetypes, mixing one-handers will allow players access to a wider suite of skills than a dedicated two-hander would. Broken down by category the skills are:

I’ve gone ahead and linked each skill to the associated wiki page for those of you who wish to know more about each skill, but needless to say you have plenty of toys to play with.

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