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Wolcen – How to Play Multiplayer, How Many Players Can Make a Party

Killing demons is always more fun with a friend or three.

by Brandon Adams


Wolcen is the newest ARPG on the block, and like most of its peers it allows players to team up and defeat waves on enemies together. The power of friendship made manifest through violence. Now that the shaky launch is behind us and the servers have largely returned to normal, players are able to play online, which means ya’ll – like me – were probably wondering how many players could play together, and how to play multiplayer in the first place. Fortunately for all of us putting a ragtag group together takes little time.

*UPDATE 2/16/2020: Well, turns out that statement aged like milk, didn’t it? After a weekend of continuous maintenance is appears the servers are back up and mostly running. That said, be wary of matchmaking issues for the next few days. I’ve also updated the section about story progress, seeing as it was a server bug and not a design choice that prohibited players from sharing progress when running the same story quests.*

Up to four players can team up in Wolcen, and multiplayer can be setup either via the friendlist or game settings.

First things first: make sure you are playing an Online character: Offline character cannot be played online. After that the easiest way to play multiplayer is to go to Game Settings under Play, and to select Public on the right. This will match you with anyone your level – friend or stranger. If you are looking for a quick pick-up game then this is the easiest option. If you’d rather play with friends, and friends only, keep this setting at Private.

To play with someone you know look for the friendlist icon visible in the bottom right corner. Once you click it a list of your friends will appear. Or, lack thereof assuming you haven’t added anyone yet. There’s an easy fix for this: click Add Friends and type in your pal’s name to send a request. You will need the number associated with their name (and you can see your own at the top of the friendlist), so you will want to communicate with people you wish to play with.

Once your friend has accepted your request (or you their’s) they will appear under either Online or Offline Friends (depending on, well, if they are online or not – though they should be if they just accepted or sent a request). At this point you can play multiplayer together. One person will have to send out the invites though, because you can’t just join someone’s multiplayer game. You can send invites within a game, though, so don’t fret if the host or yourself are in your own worlds. That said, with the server issues game invites can bug out, and if they do all you and everyone else have to do is return to the character select screen and send invites from there.

Remember, you can only play with four players at a time. Also, the host’s story will be what everyone plays, but it won’t override your own progress if you are further behind or ahead of the host in your own story. If you are working on the same quests the game should share progress. You will keep items earned, skills found, and levels gained, but no story progress (you do get rewards for completing the host’s quest, however). This is a great way to power-level, by the way. Again: four players only!

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- This article was updated on:February 16th, 2020

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