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Wolcen – How to Save, Can You Save

It's okay to fret over your save data.

by Brandon Adams


It’s natural to be paranoid about your save file in a video game – no one wants to lose their hard earned progress and equipment. Now that Wolcen has entered the ARPG arena some people have been asking how to save, and I have an answer for them.

Wolcen automatically saves your data as you play.

Wolcen does not have a traditional save system. You won’t be opening the menu and selecting a save file to keep your progress intact. Instead, whenever you leave the game Wolcen will update your save data behind the scenes. Granted, if you teleport to town then quit your portal will be lost, but you can leave the game without worrying about your progress.

This counts for both Online and Offline play. While there was a bug that reset progress on launch day, WOLCEN Studio has been hard at work to patch the issue. Sadly, there isn’t a local save for online play, so if you are hit by this bug you will want to contact WOLCEN Studios directly to see if they can assist you. I know, it sucks, but tis the nature of online games, where your data is stored in a server somewhere distant from you.

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