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Wolfenstein: Youngblood How To Defeat General Winkler

Take down the first boss in the game.

by Dean James


As you’re playing through the first stage in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, you will notice your mission nearly the entire time is to find General Winkler. When you finally do reach him at the end of the level, you will have to square off against him and he is no pushover. This guide will explain how you can defeat General Winkler at the end of the first level.

How To Defeat General Winkler in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The armored foe near the end of the first stage is definitely the most powerful enemy you will have faced in the level to that point, but General Winkler definitely takes it up another level. Winkler has a few attacks that can hurt you, one of which can be very deadly if caught in his crossfire, as well as the ability to cloak himself.

Winkler will very rarely come after you, instead drawing you out into the open while he is cloaked. You need to try your best to detect where he is while cloaked and start firing. This will always trigger him to use his strongest attack, which is a laser beam that he fires in your direction, which is near impossible to miss.

The key to survival here is to make sure something is between you and the laser blast or you likely will be losing most of your health at once, if not all of it. Try to dodge the beam by hiding behind a wall and then come out firing right at him as much as you can.

Be careful here though, as Winkler will begin to shoot his gun back at you too. You have to learn the timing here on how much you can attack him without him hitting you too many times. He will usually teleport away at this point, leaving you to return to step one of trying to find him again.

Winkler has quite a shield to keep this fight going for awhile, so keep grinding until you finally whittle off all of his health. This will trigger a scene where he ends up outside hanging on for dear life with an engine in the distance. You need to shoot him repeatedly here to cause him to lose his grip, forcing him into the engine and his death.

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