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Wolfentein Youngblood: Should You Pick Jess or Soph?

Your starting weapon depends on your choice but everything can be unlocked by both characters.

by William Schwartz


Wolfenstein: Youngblood allows you to play as one of the Blazkowicz sisters Jess or Soph.  When starting the game for the first time you’ll need to make this decision on who you want to play as.  Both are equal in abilities so this initial choice is really about what type of gun you want to play with.

Jess starts with a scoped Sturmgewehr.  This is a medium to long range weapon.  Soph, on the other hand, begins the game with a Kugelgewehr.  This is a short to medium range weapon that has a drum magazine.  Depending on your play style, you’ll want to pick accordingly.

As you progress in Wolfenstein Youngblood all of the weapons and upgrades will be able to be acquired regardless of which sister you choose to play as.

However, if you join a cooperative game you might be using a different sister than you initially selected.

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