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World of Warcraft Shadowlands – How to Earn Rewards from the Great Vault

Earn an additional weekly reward just by clearing endgame content.

by Brandon Adams


The Great Vault in World of Warcraft Shadowlands provides a guaranteed piece of endgame loot to those who raid, clear Mythic+, and/or participate in rated PvP. There’s a little more nuance to the Great Vault than you’d think, and the difficulty of the content you cleared will factor into the quality of your reward.

Complete raid encounters, Mythic+ runs, and earn Honor from PvP in Shadowlands to access loot from the Great Vault.

In Oribos at the Hall of Holding rests the Great Vault, and you’ll notice a couple of quests from the NPCs nearby. None of these are required to access the Great Vault, but you can get a Legendary Power from clearing the basic “earn a piece of loot from the vault” quest, so pick that one up at least.

Interacting with the Great Vault in Shadowlands will bring up its interface, and you’ll notice there are three categories with three tasks each. The three categories are simple: Raids, Mythic Dungeons, and (Rated) PvP – pretty much every major cooperative endgame activity that’s been around for some time now.

There are three tasks per category, and none of them are complex. They are:

  • Raid – Clear 3/7/10 Raid Bosses
  • Mythic – Complete 1/4/10 Mythic Keystone Dungeons
  • PvP – Earn 1250/2500/6250 Honor from Rated PvP

So long as you complete one of those tasks you will receive a piece of endgame loot after the weekly reset. There’s a bit of nuance here, as I mentioned earlier. First off, the more tasks you complete the more loot you will have to choose from after the reset. You only get to pick one item, but you’ll have a better chance at plugging a hole in your current loadout.

Second, the quality of the loot is determined by the difficulty of the event you cleared. For example: clearing three raid bosses at Normal will provide loot at the same item level as the Normal raid (200 as of publication). Moving on to clear 7 bosses on Heroic will then cause the item level to increase. Furthermore, you can overwrite previous attempts, so if you went on to do a full clear at Mythic difficulty your loot would scale up accordingly.

For Mythic Dungeons your top ten keystone dungeons will be used, specifically the 10th, 4th, and 1st. You can continue to run Mythic Keystone dungeons to boost the item level of the loot awarded from the Great Vault. Rated PvP is even easier: all rewards are based on your highest bracket win for the week. You can even track your Great Vault rewards from PvP via the Group Finder.

So, if you play Shadowlands casually you can still get an item a week thanks to the Great Vault, and hardcore endgame players can use it to plug gaps in their loadout should RNG and loot drops not go their way that week. It’s a helpful system for all players, but you will have to engage with the cooperative side of the endgame to take advantage of it.

- This article was updated on:December 11th, 2020

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