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World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to Unlock Torghast

It's a bit like XIV's Deep Dungeons, but more robust.

by Brandon Adams


Torghast, Tower of the Damned is one of the bigger additions to World of Warcraft in Shadowlands, but you won’t have access to it immediately. Torghast is a roguelike dungeon that players can either grind for Soul Ash (the resource needed to craft Legendary items in Shadowlands), or for cosmetic rewards and other items. They’ll just need to reach the endgame and clear some campaign missions first.

Torghast in Shadowlands is unlocked after reaching level 60 and clearing out the first chapter of your Covenant’s campaign.

The leveling campaign in Shadowlands will provide you a taste of Torghast towards the end, but to fully unlock the roguelike Tower of the Damned you’ll need to finish the main campaign and reach level 60. Even after clearing those hurdles you’ll have a handful of quests to knock out before unlocking Torghast proper.

If you check your quest-log after choosing your Covenant you’ll notice a new Covenant campaign at the top. The first chapter is all about your Sanctum, Anima, and Soulbinds. It’s essentially Shadowlands’ “Endgame 101” quest-chain, and you’ll need to finish it to reach the second chapter, which is focused entirely around Torghast. That means farming 1000 Anima to clear your first Renown quest, which is mandatory to progress the campaign.

This isn’t difficult to do. Just focus on clearing out World Quests with Anima rewards, looting marked chests on the map, and killing rare monsters. You can easily clear 1000 Anima within a couple hours of play, but do bear in mind this is an introduction to the weekly Renown quest, so don’t be afraid to engage with this quest at your own pace. Unless you are looking to farm up all the available Soul Ash from Torghast before the weekly reset there isn’t a rush.

Once you’ve knocked out the first chapter of your Covenant’s campaign you’ll be tasked with returning to the Maw. Once you land in Azeroth’s version of Hell you’ll meet back up with Ve’nari, who will quickly teach you how the Maw functions with a couple of quests before pointing you towards the Torghast portal in her refuge. These quests shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to clear.


Once Ve’nari tells you to enter Torghast you’ll need to complete the campaign quest that leads you to the Runecarver. Once you have access to his chamber you’ll inlock all of Torghast (with one exception). Do note that the campaign will eventually task you with farming 1250 Soul Ash, so it’s not a bad idea to clear all the available layers once you’ve unlocked Torghast. The first couple of layers are easy enough to solo, but if you find yourself struggling don’t be afraid to check out the Group Finder to either join a party, or create one.

Torghast has six different chambers in Shadowlands, but only two are accessible each week. Each has 8 layers to clear, and each layer has 6 floors. Floor 3 will always be a rest area, and floor 6 the boss room. Clearing the boss will reward you with Soul Ash, and you can only loot the Ash once a week per layer. Some layers even have a chance to drop a Legendary Power for Legendary crafting at the Runecarver, so clearing a layer at least once isn’t a terrible idea.

There is a seventh chamber – The Twisting Corridors – that randomly stitches together 3 layers from the six chambers, and is Torghast’s challenge mode. You can’t earn Soul Ash in the Twisting Corridors (outside the quest that unlocks it), but you can earn mounts and cosmetics. You can grind the Twisting Corridors for rewards without worrying about a daily or weekly limit, but once you’ve cleared the 8th layer you’ll have earned everything available (though the mount earned from layer 8 is worth the work: it’s the only mount you can use in the Maw).

The Twisting Corridors are not available as of publishing this article, but I will update it once they are. They are locked behind rescuing a specific famed NPC, so whenever Bolvar has a new quest for you take it.

As of publication certain layers are locked, and won’t become accessible until later. For reference these unlock dates and times are:

  • November 24 (US) / 25 (EU) – Layers 1-3 unlocked;
  • December 8 (US) / 9 (EU) – Layers 4-6 unlocked;
  • December 15 (US) – 16 (EU) – Layers 7-8 unlocked.

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