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WWE 2K16: The Entire Unlockables List

by Damian Seeto


WWE 2K16 has a ton of things that you can unlock. This includes new arenas, wrestlers and more. This is a list showcasing everything that you can unlock.

The unlockables list is quite large as it includes new wrestlers, arenas, championships, attires and a few extra things. Many of the unlockables can be earned by meeting all of the conditions set in the 2K Showcase mode starring Stone Cold Steve Austin as well as the MyCareer Mode.

This list just shows you want you can earn in WWE 2K16. There is a lot content for you to unlock so be prepared to read a very long list.

Unlockable wrestlers:

Billy Gunn
Bret Hart
Brian Pillman
British Bulldog
Chris Jericho ’01
Col. Robert Parker
D’Lo Brown
Dude Love
Ken Shamrock
Kane ’01
Kama Mustafa
Jim Neidhart
Jake Roberts
Honky Tonk Man
Mark Henry ’98
Mikey Whipwreck
Mr. McMahon ’98
Mr. McMahon
Paul Wight
Paul Bearer
Ricky Steamboat
Stunning Steve Austin
Stone Cold ’03
Stone Cold ’97
Stephanie McMahon
Shawn Michaels
Shane McMahon
Savio Vega
Superstar Steve Austin
Ted DiBiase
The Rock ’03
Triple H ’01
Undertaker ’99
Undertaker ’01


Backlash ’99
Backlash ’01
Clash of the Champions XXV
In Your House: D-Generation X 1997
Fully Loaded
In Your House: Revenge of the Taker
King of the Ring ’96
King of the Ring ’97
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre ’99
Royal Rumble ’01
Rock Bottom ’98
RAW is War ’99
RAW is War ’98
Over the Edge ’98
No Way Out ’01
King of the Ring ’99
SummerSlam ’98
Survivor Series ’96
Unforgiven ’98
Vengeance ’01
WrestleMania 12
WrestleMania 13
WrestleMania 14
WrestleMania 15
WCW Bash at the Beach
ECW November to Remember
WrestleMania 19
WrestleMania 17

Championship Titles:

Million Dollar Championship
WWE Heavyweight Championship (Smoking Skull)
WWE Intercontinental Championship ’98-’11
World Tag Team Championship ’02-’10
WWE Intercontinental Championship ’94
WCW World Tag Team Championship
ECW World Tag Team Championship


Bret Hart (WrestleMania 13)
Bret Hart (In Your House 14)
WCW Flyin’ Brian
British Bulldog (RAW ’97)
Dude Love (Over the Edge ’98)
Jim Neidhart (In Your House: Revenge of the Taker)
Kane ’01 (SummerSlam ’98)
Kane ’01 (Royal Rumble ’01)
Shawn Michaels (King of the Ring ’97)
Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 14)
Paul Bearer (RAW June 1999)
Mr. McMahon ’98 (WrestleMania 17)
Mr. McMahon ’98 (King of the Ring ’99)
Mankind (1999)
Ken Shamrock (RAW ’98)
Kane ’01 (Backlash ’01)
Stone Cold ’97 (WrestleMania 12)
Stone Cold ’97 (WrestleMania 13)
Stone Cold (WrestleMania 14)
Stone Cold (RAW June 1998)
Stone Cold (SummerSlam ’98)
Stone Cold (RAW November 1998)
Stone Cold ’03 (King of the Ring ’99)
Stone Cold ’03 (Fully Loaded ’99)
The Rock ’03 (WrestleMania 15)
The Rock ’03 (RAW November 1998)
Stunning Steve Austin (WCW Clash of the Champions XXV)
Stone Cold ’03 (WrestleMania 19)
Stone Cold ’03 (Backlash ’01)
Stone Cold ’03 (WrestleMania 17)
Stone Cold ’03 (No Way Out ’01)
Stone Cold ’03 (Royal Rumble ’01)
The Rock ’03 (Royal Rumble ’01)
The Rock ’03 (WrestleMania 17)
The Rock ’03 (Vengeance ’01)
The Rock ’03 (WrestleMania 19)
Triple H ’01 (No Way Out ’01)
Triple H ’01 (Backlash ’01)
Undertaker ’99 (RAW June 1998)
Undertaker ’99 (SummerSlam ’98)
Undertaker ’01 (Backlash ’01)
Undertaker ’99 (Fully Loaded ’99)
Undertaker ’99 (RAW June 1999)
Undertaker ’99 (Rock Bottom ’98)
Undertaker ’99 (RAW November 1998)


Bret Hart “Hitman” Hart Foundation 1997 Shirt
British Bulldog Vest
Hart Foundation 1980’s Gear (Breat Hart and Jim Neidhart)
Heel Era White Knee Brace
Steve Austin “3:16 Skull” T-Shirt
Steve Austin “Arrive, Raise Hell, Leave” T-Shirt
Steve Austin “Do unto others” T-Shirt
Steve Austin “Stomping Mudholes/Skull” T-Shirt
Steve Austin Vest 5 (SummerSlam ’98)
Steve Austin Vest 4 (RAW vs Kane)
Steve Austin Vest 3 (WrestleMania 14)
Steve Austin Vest 3 (WrestleMania 13)
Steve Austin Vest 3 (Survivor Series ’96)
Steve Austin “100% Pure Rattlesnake” T-Shirt
Steve Austin “What?” T-Shirt
Steve Austin Jersey
Steve Austin Vest 6 (RAW June 1999)
Steve Austin Vest 7 (WrestleMania 17)
Steve Austin Vest 8 (WrestleMania 19)
Brian Pillman Flyin’ Attire
King Haku
Hollywood Blondes Entrance (with Music)
Austin Alliance Theme (2001)
Brothers of Destruction Entrance
Triple H’s Attire
The Rock’s Attire
Austin and the Zamboni
Michael Cole… What?
Dr. Austin
Austin Survivor Series Promo
King Haku Entrance Theme
Brothers of Destruction Entrance (Kane and American Badass Taker)
Undertaker’s Attire
Chris Jericho’s Attire
Kane’s Attire
Big Show’s Attire
John Cena’s Attire
Randy Orton’s Attire
Kofi Kingston’s Attire
Mark Henry’s Attire
Santino Marella’s Attire
The Miz’s Attire
Zack Ryder’s Attire
Jack Swagger’s Attire
R-Truth’s Attire
Dolph Ziggler’s Attire
Goldust’s Attire
Sheamus’s Attire
Tyson Kidd’s Attire
Daniel Bryan’s Attire
Bad News Barrett’s Attire
Jey Uso’s Attire
Jimmy Uso’s Attire
Heath Slater’s Attire
Sin Cara’s Attire
Brock Lesnar’s Attire
Ryback’s Attire
Cesaro’s Attire
Damien Sandow’s Attire
Dean Ambrose’s Attire
Roman Reigns’ Attire
Seth Rollins’ Attire
Darren Young’s Attire
Titus O’Neil’s Attire
Big E’s Attire
Fandango’s Attire
Curtis Axel’s Attire
Bray Wyatt’s Attire
Erick Rowan’s Attire
Luke Harper’s Attire
Viktor’s Attire
Konnor’s Attire
Xavier Woods’ Attire
Neville’s Attire
Rusev’s Attire
Bo Dallas’ Attire
Adam Rose’s Attire
Sami Zayn’s Attire
Sting’s Attire
Kalisto’s Attire
Stardust’s Attire
Aiden English’s Attire
Baron Corbin’s Attire
Collin Cassady’s Attire
Enzo Amore’s Attire
Finn Balor’s Attire
Hideo Itami’s Attire
Kevin Owen’s Attire
Simon Gotch’s Attire
Tyler Breeze’s Attire
The Rock’s Move-Set
Triple H’s Move-Set
Undertaker’s Move-Set
Chris Jericho’s Move-Set
Kane’s Move-Set
Big Show’s Move-Set
John Cena’s Move-Set
Randy Orton’s Move-Set
Kofi Kingston’s Move-Set
Mark Henry’s Move-Set
Santino Marella’s Move-Set
The Miz’s Move-Set
Zack Ryder’s Move-Set
Jack Swagger’s Move-Set
R-Truth’s Move-Set
Dolph Ziggler’s Move-Set
Goldust’s Move-Set
Sheamus’ Move-Set
Tyson Kidd’s Move-Set
Daniel Bryan’s Move-Set
Bad News Barret’s Move-Set
Jey Uso’s Move-Set
Jimmy Uso’s Move-Set
Heath Slater’s Move-Set
Sin Cara’s Move-Set
Brock Lesnar’s Move-Set
Ryback’s Move-Set
Cesaro’s Move-Set
Damien Sandow’s Move-Set
Dean Ambrose’s Move-Set
Roman Reigns’ Move-Set
Seth Rollins’ Move-Set
Darren Young’s Move-Set
Titus O’Neil’s Move-Set
Big E’s Move-Set
Fandango’s Move-Set
Curtis Axel’s Move-Set
Bray Wyatt’s Move-Set
Erick Rowan’s Move-Set
Luke Harper’s Move-Set
Konnor’s Move-Set
Viktor’s Move-Set
Xavier Woods’ Move-Set
Neville’s Move-Set
Rusev’s Move-Set
Bo Dallas’ Move-Set
Adam Rose’s Move-Set
Sami Zayn’s Move-Set
Sting’s Move-Set
Kalisto’s Move-Set
Stardust’s Move-Set
Aiden English’s Move-Set
Baron Corbin’s Move-Set
Colin Cassady’s Move-Set
Enzo Amore’s Move-Set
Finn Balor’s Move-Set
Hideo Itami’s Move-Set
Kevin Owens’ Move-Set
Simon Gotch’s Move-Set
Tyler Breeze’s Move-Set

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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