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WWE 2K17: 2K Posts Official MyCareer Guide And Tips

by Damian Seeto


The MyCareer mode in WWE 2K17 can be long and tedious to some. Thankfully, 2K Games has posted an official tips guide for those that are struggling with it.

WWE 2K17 community manager, Bryan Vore, spoke with Ramelle Ballesca who designed MyCareer. He posted on the official forums some helpful tips about the game mode. You can read their tips below.

  • In order to go up the Title Rankings you need to get your popularity as high as possible.
  • How much popularity you gain or lose per show is based on the Excitement Multiplier. This is how much buzz you are creating with the WWE Universe. Keeping this “Hot” and at a high value will ensure the highest popularity gain. Do not let your Excitement Multiplier slip to “Cold” or a negative value. You’ll start losing popularity.
  • Putting on good promos raises your Excitement Multiplier. This means when you do a promo, that the promo bar is full. The color does not matter as any strong reaction, positive or negative, is a good reaction.
  • Changing your T-Shirt often raises your Excitement Multiplier. Part of being a WWE Superstar is selling cool merchandise. Don’t let your T-Shirt designs go stale for too long. Change it up.
  • String together a series of high-rated matches. Average match rating is important to Excitement Multiplier. Do not put on a string of bad matches or you’ll start to go “Cold” with the WWE Universe.
  • Change your move-set, abilities and skills every few months. You have to show the WWE Universe that you’re not the same boring WWE Superstar week after week. Equip and try out some new abilities and skills to make you stand out. Changing your move-set is equally important. The higher the grade of a move, the more it is going to contribute to your Match Rating. So change your move-set often with high-grade moves and moves tagged with Exciting Moment, as those are the most powerful.
  • Win at run-ins. This means being the last man standing during a pre-match or post-match run-in. For mid-match run-in make sure the WWE Superstar you are supporting wins the match.
  • Do not quit out of anything. You will lose any scoring or rewards potentially gained from a match, promo, or run-in.

Hopefully these hints and tips allow you to be better at MyCareer mode. Just keep playing and earn enough VC to increase your stats and moves.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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