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WWE 2K20 – How to Drag

Use the grab to control your opponent.

by William Schwartz


In WWE 2K20 there are a bunch of new controls that you need to learn for this game, including the new dragging controls.  Dragging allows you to perform different moves like throws, whip moves, face locks, or standard drags.  You can also drag your opponents to sides of the ring and throw them over the ropes.  When your opponent is truly tired, you can drag them around the ring like a rag doll.

When you drag an opponent you will grab them and control their body.

How to Drag in WWE 2K20

Xbox – Hold RT and tap A

PlayStation – Hold R2 and tap X

How to Release Drag 

Xbox – Press the LB Button

PlayStation – Press the L1 Button

There are a lot of different moves that you can do when you transition from a drag.  This includes things like throws or other attacks.  Once in the drag you can throw your opponent over the ropes by pressing the pressing the left stick and using the either the A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation) buttons.

You can also perform attacks like the Irish Whip by pressing the B Button (Xbox) or Circle Button (PlayStation).

How to Escape from Drag

Of course, you might be on the other side of a drag with your opponent trying to move you around the ring.  You can try to perform a counter when they attack, but the best way to escape from a drag is to press the B Button (Xbox) or the Circle Button (PlayStation).

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