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WWE 2K20 – How to Get Out of the Ring

Use the right bumper to get in and out of the ring.

by William Schwartz


There are many times when you might want to get out of the ring in WWE 2K20.  There a different ways to do this, depending on which platform you are playing on and the situation.  We’re going to cover the basic ways to get in and out of the ring in WWE 2K20.

Depending on whether you are playing on the Xbox One or on the PlayStation 4 the control input will be different to get in the ring or get out of the ring.

There are also ways to roll away and get out of the ring that way.  The basic way to get out of the ring in WWE 2K20 will be the right bumper, whether you’re on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

WWE 2K20 Get out of the Ring Controls

Xbox – Press the RB Button

PlayStation – Press the R1 Button

There are other times that you can use an escape move to get out of the ring as well.  You will see a prompt at the bottom of the screen that shows the right stick icon.  Press that to escape and roll out of the ring.  To get back into the ring you will need to press the right bumper again if you use this method.

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