Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed — Correct Quiz Answers for Instructor Panacea Quest

What are the right answers to Future Connected's oddly tricky quiz?

by Marc Magrini
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Just like with the base game, Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed features a wide variety of quests for players to complete alongside the main story. Some will offer new services and improvements to general gameplay while others will provide helpful rewards and accessories. The Instructor Panacea quest does the latter, though completing it isn’t as simple as it might first appear to be. Players will likely need more than knowledge to find all correct answers to the Instructor Panacea quiz in Future Redeemed.

All Correct Quiz Answers for Instructor Panacea Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed

Though the quiz is only part of this quest, it’s still something players might find themselves somewhat stuck on. Each correct answer will play a noise and have the NPCs react positively, while a wrong answer will do the opposite. Answering wrongly won’t result in any meaningful penalization, but anyone looking to ace the quiz will need to reload their save if they answer something wrong. To help alleviate the concerns of those players, here are all the answers to each question:

  • Question 1: What is affected by Dexterity?
    • Answer: Attack accuracy
  • Question 2: What initiates a Unity Combo?
    • Answer: Use Special on a launched foe
  • Question 3: Two hits with 50% Crit. Rate gives…?
    • Answer: 75% chance for at least one crit
  • Question 4: Which isn’t an enemy type?
    • Answer: Tirkin
    • This question is somewhat misleading, as Tirkins are indeed enemies. It’s questionable as to why this is the correct answer and not Liberators, so keep this oddity in mind just in case the game receives an update to change this.
  • Question 5: What can stop a foe’s initiative Art?
    • Answer: Knockback

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Whether you answer these questions correctly or not, the quest will proceed towards a battle against the students. It’s unnecessary to answer every question correctly, so don’t feel pressured to reload the game entirely if you mess up. Focus more on overcoming the battles ahead and you’ll be able to put your smarts to much better use!

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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