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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to Get More Gems

Want to know how to stack up on Gems? Well then, you found the right place.

by Victor Vellas


Easily the most sought out resource in the game, Gems are always welcome as they can be our ticket to obtaining those awesome Decks we dream of. Being the paid currency of the game, not only they are hard to find, but also hard to stack up a lot of them, to save for future releases. In this brief guide, I will show you the best ways of earning some extra Gems, starting with the most underrated of all.

Duel Trials

Duel what now? Yes, Duel Trials, you heard that right. It’s not even funny how many players forget about this feature of the game, since you barely touch it after a couple of sessions as a beginner. This isn’t because it doesn’t offer a lot, the exact opposite actually. These beginner-friendly trials offer a tremendous amount of good information, which can impact someone’s gameplay greatly. It is just that you simply forget about it, as your main focus is to battle opponents online or farm NPCs for goodies.

With that said, this results to completely ignoring a ton of Gems you could earn, from the get go. Each section of those trials and its modes, offer a handful of Gems the first time you complete them. While they may not be anything spectacular independently, if you do complete all of them, you are sitting at thousands and thousands of extra Gems. Not only they can be vital to creating your first meta Deck, especially when you are a beginner, but they are so easy to get as well. On top of that, more and more quizzes and trials are being added over time, with some special events on top of that too, which last for a limited time. In any case, Duel Trials is the go-to place for obtaining a huge amount of Gems, very early on. Also a good starting point for those returning players out there, after being away for a while.


Self-explanatory, Events are a stable way of earning Gems fast. Which you can do frequently, since every week the game has a different event non-stop. From big ones like the current Tag Duel Tournament, to even smaller ones like Duel Quest, there is no shortage of them. Make sure to participate in all of them, without exception.


For most players out there, this is the sole reason they play Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, so it isn’t much of a surprise. Play against people online, earn Gems, that’s it. Just remember that your Rank resets at fixed time frames, so you can gather more afterwards.

Leveling up Characters

Another very good way of amassing ton of Gems, rather fast but not really, is of course leveling up your characters. There is a catch though. It is advised to level up multiple characters up to a certain point, rather than focusing on one to get the bigger amounts of Gems that are offered through higher levels. This is due to how much faster the leveling process is for low levels, in contrast to the later ones. By the time you could have a maxed out character, you would have 4-5 (at least) characters halfway, accumulating more Gems in return. Then, without a doubt you can start focusing on maxing out those, but until then if you want some hefty amounts of Gems fast, that is the way to go.


There are some other ways of grabbing a couple of Gems, like watching a Replay per day which offers 5 Gems each time, but since those amounts are really miniscule, I’m not including them here. Just make sure to be active, taking advantage of every activity the game has to offer, and Gems will come to you in bags.


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