Does Aki Die in Chainsaw Man?

What becomes of this beloved character?

by Areeba Khan
Does Aki Die in Chainsaw Man?
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Chainsaw Man’s deuteragonist, Aki Hayakawa’s death has been teased in the series for a while, with his contract with the Curse Devil significantly shortening his lifespan to the Future Devil forming a contract with him to personally witness his horrible future. 

With all that in mind, fans of the series can’t help but wonder if Aki will really die in Chainsaw Man. Let’s answer this question below!

Beware of major spoilers for Chainsaw Man manga.

Does Aki Hayakawa Die in Chainsaw Man?

In chapter 74 of the Chainsaw Man manga, Aki tells the Angel devil of his future vision regarding his and Power’s deaths at the hands of the Chainsaw devil. In chapter 76, he is seen under the Control devil Makima’s influence when the Gun devil is sent to kill her, likely dying as collateral when the latter attacks Makima. This is further confirmed by Aki’s name appearing in the list of the Gun devil’s victims.

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Is Aki Really Dead?

Aki Hayakawa may have died in chapter 76 but that doesn’t mark the end of his story. There is much worse to come. 

Chapter 77 of the Chainsaw Man manga sees Denji heading to open the door to their shared apartment, assuming it’s Aki on the other side. Makima calls him to warn him the Gun fiend is ringing his doorbell. But Power insists it’s Aki and is proven right when the door opens to reveal Aki as the Gun fiend.

Image: Shueisha

The Gun fiend attacks Denji who’s in denial and unwilling to fight back. While Aki’s perspective of the situation is that they’re children having a snowball fight. Unaware of his actions, Aki indiscriminately kills civilians as Denji begs him to stop. In the end, Denji ends up killing Aki by stabbing him with his Chainsaws in Chapter 79. The chapter ends with the Future Devil commenting on how Aki died the worst way possible, confirming he is well and truly dead.

- This article was updated on October 27th, 2023

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