Ice-Head Gill Manga Release Date Schedule 2023: When You Can Expect New Chapters

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by J.R. Waugh
Ice-Head Gill Chapter 7 Release Date Schedule 2023
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Ice-Head Gill has the qualities of a potential hit Shonen manga. It’s about an exuberant boy with a troubled family past, talents in battle with an axe, and tons of mystical threats such as deadly liches. Throw that together with some Norse cultural influence which is increasingly all the rage in pop culture, and you’ve got something the fans can get behind. Since Ice-Head Gill is still relatively new, we’ve gone ahead and made a release date schedule for 2023 so you can know when to expect new chapters for this manga!

Full Ice-Head Gill Manga Chapter Release Date Schedule (2023)

Ice-Head Gill releases chapters in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which means readers can expect new chapters almost every Sunday in 2023 in the West. Certain holidays in Japan such as Golden Week, Obon, and other festivals. With recent chapters turning up the intensity, things could get exciting over the following weeks.

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You can find Ice-Head Gill on its respective VIZ Media portal, the Shonen Jump manga reader app, and Manga Plus! However, the latter option is free on a limited basis: the first 3 and latest 3 chapters are readable anytime, but the middle chapters are often on mobile only and a 1-time read.

As Ice-Head Gill is still relatively new, we will update you on any changes to its schedule, if it goes biweekly, or if it ever gets the axe.

ChapterRelease Date
1June 25, 2023
2July 2, 2023
3July 9, 2023
4July 16, 2023
5July 23, 2023
6July 30, 2023
7August 6, 2023
8August 20, 2023
9August 27, 2023
10September 3, 2023
11September 10, 2023
12September 17, 2023
13September 24, 2023
14October 1, 2023
15October 8, 2023
16October 15, 2023
17October 22, 2023
18October 29, 2023
19November 5, 2023
20November 12, 2023

Ice-Head Gill has the charm and energy found in other successful Shonen manga. It’s too early to tell if it’ll make the distance just yet. But while it lacks the viral, comical hype of other recent series, it’s got a lot of heart and some pretty great moments already! Get ready for more chapters here!

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2023

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