Kaiju No. 8 – Do Hibino and Mina End Up Together?

Will Kafka and Mina become a couple?

by Areeba Khan
Kaiju No. 8 – Do Hibino and Mina End Up Together?
Image: Naoya Matsumoto

Offering a fresh take on the shonen genre thanks to its much older protagonist, Kaiju No. 8’s manga has been making rounds since its release in 2020.

While not big on romance, the series does hint at a potential relationship between its protagonist Kafka Hibino, and his childhood friend and superior officer, Mina Ashiro. So do Hibino and Mina end up together? Keep reading to find out.

Will Hibino and Mina End Up Together in Kaiju No. 8?

Image: Naoya Matsumoto

Kaiju No. 8’s protagonist Kafka Hibino cares for and admires Captain Mina Ashiro, hoping to one day fulfill his childhood promise of fighting beside her. Unlike most of the other characters in the series who only see her unfeeling and badass side, Hibino remembers the young Mina who lost everything and hopes to ease her burden by being there for her.

Of course, that’s not to say Hibino doesn’t acknowledge the Third Division Captain’s strength. The 32-year-old repeatedly expresses how awesome he thinks Mina is and works hard to become worthy of the spot beside her. Mina is also shown to be fond of Hibino, sporting her first smile when he embarrasses himself during the recruitment ceremony by using her first name and publicly declaring his goal of standing beside her.

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Kafka’s promise of fighting Kaiju beside her means just as much to Mina as it does to him since she never forgets about it and tells him she’ll be waiting for the day he fulfills it. The two even share a cute scene in chapter 69 where Mina invites Hibino to have lunch with her and expresses her concerns about the possibility of him not being able to transform back.

But while it’s clear that Kafka and Mina share a special relationship, nothing can be said about whether their feelings are romantic or purely platonic. Given that Kaiju No. 8 is a Shonen series, the two may eventually have a budding romance and become something more than friends. Although romance isn’t the central focus of this series, so we wouldn’t bank on it happening.

- This article was updated on November 16th, 2023

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