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Pokemon Go Guide: Which Eeveelution Will Your Eevee Evolve Into?

| July 11, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: Which Eeveelution Will Your Eevee Evolve Into? GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go

Throughout Pokemon’s 20 year history, one of the most well known of them all is easily Eevee. Unlike pretty much every other Pokemon, Eevee has a lot of different evolutions that they can turn into, with the recent Pokemon Go offering three of them so far.

Eevee is likely one of the Pokemon you will find rather frequently in your journey in Pokemon Go, though not quite as prevalent as the likes of Pidgey and Rattata. Just like with every other Pokemon that can be evolved, there will be an Evolve option in the menu when you’re looking at Eevee, but is there a way to pick or know which evolution you’ll get?

The answer right now to that appears to be no. Reports started to surface right after release that there were ways to know where your Eevee would evolve into Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon, but those has since proven to not be the case.

That had stated that it was based on which special attack move your Eevee had, which ended up being false. Another theory early on was that it would depend on which team you are on, since the three Eeveelutions share a color with the teams, but that is also not true.

As of right now, it appears that the evolution of Eevee is completely random in Pokemon Go. We know it’ll be one of the three, as the evolutions from the other generations are not included, but you’ll have to keep trying to get all three, as you may get multiple Jolteon in a row, or get lucky and get one of each in your first three attempts.

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  • Al

    Maybe is has to do with your surrounding. I got a jolteon during a lighting storm and the water one by a river

    • Hail Skr

      Agreed, the Eevee pokedex description even says “due to the environment in which it lives”

    • Michael Barrington

      It might be easy to think so, but it was a sunny day when I just evolved my Jolteon. Additionally, while the game gets access to GPS and camera, I don’t see any indication it uses or calls up weather data to know what the weather is.
      Environment seems a more likely factor. I think Jolteon would be more likely near modern buildings or the like. Not sure about Flareon though.

      • Taurean

        You’re more than likely right, but since they use GPS it would be based on some weather API, not your phones data. I’m guessing the evolutions are random still.

      • Ghostxxx

        I just got Lucky I suppose because I caught all of mine around the same area and got all 3 evolutions by chance – ?

        • Derp

          I believe it is wrong as i got jolteon by water and flareon in my home

          • Me

            I caught a vaporeon at a train station in the middle of Germany so I don’t see it’s important

      • Roger Sales

        I got a Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon farming the same spot in a park within 2 hours of eachother, so this is extremely unlikely.

        • Story Walsh

          I literally live on a boat, about one hundred yards from any land, and every time I evolve I get jolteon and flareon:(

          • PokéSomethingSomething

            100 miles.away from coast? What happens when you call in for seasickness?

          • Justin “Fussgus” Wrisky

            he said a 100yards not 100miles

          • Maya Levine

            LMAO !!!

      • Joseph Hassett

        Fire Dept

      • Marisa Haley

        I assumed since I was literally standing in the lake I would get vaporeon, but I got flareon instead. Im pretty sure weather has something to do with it because it was quite hot and humid today.

      • Jonathan Wilson

        Its the enviroment when it was caught, not when it is evolved

    • Ally

      I doubt it, I live in Seattle and I just hatched a Flareon in the rain, on the beach.

      • JordanMari3

        Same, I live in florida and am always no more than 2 miles from the beach, I have 2 Flareon.

        • JordanDaniel

          And I just hatched a vaporeon in the middle of Colorado on sunny morning with the closest body of water being a sink.

          • Allyson

            Lol a sink

    • Donna Machen

      it has to do with their Special Attack. ^_^

      • Luke Henderson

        No, I now have 6 evolved Eevee’s, 3 Jolteon, 2 Flareon, and 1 Vaporeon I went by the special attack guide and 4/6 did not Evolve accordingly.

      • Jeff Dunlap

        yah this isnt true. I got a flareon from one that didnt have Dig, and I got vaporian from one with Dig , and some other combos. the one that was supposed to give me jolteon gave me flareon instead. This one is sadly debunked.

        • Devinsgirl

          Rename the eevee yo rainer and sparky to get water type and electric type. Flareon will come when you evolve a regular eevee

      • Massatoy

        No it doenst it was proven wrong

      • Robyn

        Did… did you not read the artical? It… it actually states that it doesn’t have to do with the special attacks

        • Donna Machen

          did.. did you not see that the article was updated? ^_^

          • Lozzie E

            “That had stated that it was based on which special attack move your Eevee had, which ended up being false.”
            Did… Did you not read the article? [2]

    • Nuriko

      i live by no water at all and i got a vaporeon. nothing but flat, hot, texas land.

      • karenisme

        Howdy, Nuriko! We’re in Plano. Are you close?

    • 40ozfrank

      I got a flareon while on the beach so that’s false

    • the showman

      lol i don’t think pokemon go looks into the weather xDxD

      • PokéSenpai

        It actually does, the pokemons you encounter are based on weather and enviroment

        • the showman

          damn, yeah they do… well they should add the effects into the game aswell xD

        • nicole wiedmer

          Nope, i’ve evolved Eevee 4 times, 2 at the beach in Florida and it was hot and sunny all four times and I got Jolteon, 4 frecking Jolteons & my bf has 5 Jolteons! He evolved at a fire station Pokestop trying to get Flareon but ended up with a Jolteon. It’s def not weather or surroundings, and I don’t even believe it’s random anymore cause how do you evolve 9x & get 9 Jolteons? It’s bs!

        • the showman
        • Dennis Lee Kent Jr.

          Not true. A huge team tested this across the entire USA AND compiled data from thousands of encounters. The only environments that matter are bodies of water, and oddly golf courses had a noticeable increase in grass Pokémon. Weather was proven to have no effect at all on which Pokémon you encounter.

          • Lozzie E

            Thank gosh it doesn’t have an effect
            I’m in britain, so I’d end up getting nothing but Vaporeons

    • Leora Knight

      Nope not true i got a jolteon perfect weather

    • Q

      I am still testing but I’ve seen many videos of Vaporeon being caught by lakes rivers and other forms of water on the map, I got my Vaporeon(First eeveelution) today my a lake.

      • nicole wiedmer

        I want a Vaporeon so bad! I live by the beach in Florida and I have 4 Jolteons :'( i’m gonna try going to a lake… was your lake a large lake (like jet ski sized) Or medium size? Idc if i have to drive 2 hours, lol, i want a Vaporeon! :D

        • Amanda

          Re-name your evee to “Rainer” before you evolve it and it will evolve into a Vaporeon. Same goes for Pyro = Flareon and Sparky = Jolteon. I tried it and it worked!

          • Lozzie E

            Just tried that and it’s bollocks. Don’t make stuff up.
            If that actually happened, you got EXTREMELY lucky.

      • Sadvee

        I evolved my eevee while fishing on a boat in the ocean. And it was raining. I got a jolteon. 3. Times… This makes me a new eevee evolution called sadvee.

    • Daniel Corl

      I evolved three Eevees from my house and ended up with one of each evolution

    • Dystant

      My brother got a flareon in front of a school…….. are you trying to say something?

    • Brian Hanson

      I got a Flareon and my apartment was on fire a month ago :o

    • Safetom89

      I think it’s location dependent but the locations are quite random and small in size like 1km square, about 2 km away from my home I evolved evee into a flareon and since then Ive evolved 4 more in and around my house and they have all been vapeorens :(:(:(:( so after having this theory I’m going to try and test it out tomorrow after work if I have enough evee candy by then lol. Just to clarify this is purely a theory based on 6 days of playing it, I could be completely wrong and the area this is a guess so could be bigger or smaller

    • Alex Amon

      Me and my friend both evolved our eevees next to a (dried out) lake and I got a flareon whereas my friend got a vaporeon.

    • Sampai

      That makes a lot of sense since pokemon go has to do a lot with the real world. I believe your theory might be true, but then how would you get a flare on?

    • Chris

      Thats not true for sure i got a vaporean at my house no water for miles in the middle of summer.

    • Annabelle

      What if your by a river in a thunder storm while somethings on fire????

  • Greg

    Supposedly its based off the attack style EEVEE comes with. EEvEE has 3 diffrent attack styles

    • Sadvee

      That’s already been debunked.

  • Kyle

    I was told it is based on the special attack the Evee has. The info given to me was accurate with my own Evee. Body Slam is suppose to give you Jolteon (and that is what happened to mine). A co-worker has one with Swift and I will see if it turns into Vaporeon (I think that’s right).

    • ClitCommander

      Idk, mine had body slam and it evolved into a vaporeon this morning, i think it’s just random?

    • Montana

      My Eevee that had Swift became Jolteon. I’ve had multiple friends and myself find that the special attack means nothing. It all seems to be by chance.

    • Lester Giovanni

      yesterday evolved one with swift and got vaporeon, today I evolved on with dig and I got vaporeon again

    • Dessa

      Eevee with unknown move: Jolteon
      Eevee with Dig: Jolteon
      Eevee with Swift: Jolteon
      Eevee with Body Slam: Jolteon.


      • Umbry Gaming

        This has been dissproved

      • James Williams

        You can pick which one it evolves into by nicknaming it one of three names:
        “Sparky” gives you Jolteon
        “Rainer” gives you Vaporeon
        “Pyro” gives you Flareon.
        I tried it with for Jolteon and it worked. I already had the other two and I evolved them all at home. I’ll test the others soon.

        • Jack Rattray

          This is absolutely false because I named my evee sparky because of this theory, I evolved my evee just now with the hope of jolteon but I got my second flareon. I think it’s honestly random

          • DoomRanger

            You have to use capital for the first letter for example ‘Sparky’ instead of sparky

        • Alicia

          This worked for me, my brother, and 10 of my friends. We all renamed ours and then evolved them and got the correct one every time!

          • Alicia

            I have all 3 on the first try. You have to rename them, close the app and open it back up to make sure the name sticks and then evolve it, at least that is what we did.

          • DoomRanger

            You don’t have to do it just evolve with the name

    • Frits Peter Richter

      Evolved 4 eevees and got jolteon 4 times.. farmed in different locations, evolved at different spots and different attacks (2 whit body slam)..
      So it has to be stupid chance.. even tho the chance isn’t fair.. but I have done all I can think of to make sure they wouldn’t evolve to the same type

    • Daud Christian

      I have 236 eevee with body slam , and it evolved to flareon (again) ahh damn, a days ago i have 200 eevee with dig it turned to flareon too

    • MachineX9

      Confirmed to be false.


    It evolves dependiding on the move, I tried woth 4 eevees and they all evolved as expected, body slam= Vaporeon, Dig= Flareon, Swift= Jolteon.

    • Leo

      nope… just got a Jolteon out of a Dig Evee .

      • Robert Rothermel

        Ditto what Leo said.

        • Darian

          Same…have 2 jolteons now. One evolved from dig, the other from body slam.

    • Julia Tremblay

      I got flareon with body slam and flareon with swift

    • jbedr1989

      I got Vaporeon with Swift

    • Tenza

      I’ve evolved Eevee twice now one with swift and one with dig and i got Vaporeon both times so the special attack don’t seem to be a factor. I really want to get a Flareon…

      • RivZ

        James Williams Dessa • 2 days ago
        You can pick which one it evolves into by nicknaming it one of three names:
        “Sparky” gives you Jolteon
        “Rainer” gives you Vaporeon
        “Pyro” gives you Flareon.
        I tried it with for Jolteon and it worked. I already had the other two and I evolved them all at home. I’ll test the others soon.

        This is the way it works, take it or leave it. You might wanna restart your game after renaming them to make sure the namechange is processed.

    • Brandy Carneal

      Idk I had 3 with body slam saved to test the theory on. The first one was evolved today to get a Flareon…

    • Derp

      I got 2 flareons with body slam and dig. Caught another flareon too. Now I have 3 flareons and no jolteon/vaporeon :'(

    • DoomRanger

      I have all three and all have swift LOL

  • Cody

    My understanding was that it evolved depending on what team owned the nearest gym. I have only evolved 2 and it checks out. But obviously that could just be a coincident.

    • Tenza

      i tried that as well at different gyms with different team owners it didn’t work for me. hopefully someone find an answer

    • Rin Raja

      my eevee evolve into vaporeon and it surrounding by 3 red gyms so…. a and i part of the red team

  • Ashley LaRue

    I just evolved my eevee and got a Flareon. I caught the Eevee near my apartment and evolved it just now a few minutes ago inside my apartment. My guess is environment may be a factor but it is more likely a random roll.

  • Stoots

    What an amazing Pokemon Go “Guide” you’ve constructed here. Solid headline with a conclusion of “It’s random, good luck.”

    • Tenza

      I’m gonna keep trying evolving eevee until i get flareon, i think its just a random roll unfortunately.

  • normal

    I’m pretty sure it’s where you caught it at

  • nightwalker

    A friend of mine has all three. He said he got Jolteon at home, Vaporeon when it was raining, and Flareon at a gas station

  • Cmadz37

    Jolteon in lighting storms, you have to hold your phone up outside

    Flareon you have to fun into a burning building and also be there for over a minute

    Vaporeon you have to run into a lake while vaping for the best results

    Good luck, and may you catch them all!

    • Michael FIllizola

      I vaped in a lake house that was on fire during a thunderstorm and got all three

  • Jordan

    There is a way to know.

    • Kyle

      I just got a flareon from an eevee with swift. This doesn’t work

    • Lester Giovanni

      Is false. I evolved one with swift and one with dig, both evolved into vaporeon

    • Manny


    • Rin Raja

      i just got a vaporeon from an eevee with dig so..,,,
      i think it was only random

  • Karma

    It actually depends on the attack the eevee has, the 2nd move used. I don’t recall which goes where, but Flareon has dig as an eevee.

    • disqus_DC2O84lFQs

      Not true. I just evolved an Eevee with dig and it became a Jolteon. It’s my 5th Jolteon, and I used Eevees with all different moves.

  • Mikey Menendez

    It depends on the point of hour your at… :00-19 vaporeon 20-39 jolteon 40-59 flareon…

    • Rin Raja

      my personal opinion it it was at the daytime but i dont know maybe only it was a coincidence 3 vaporeon all of them in the night

      • marc duesenberry

        I’m gonna give you all the secret. It’s based off the nearest or last gym you visited. Whatever team olds it. If you drive past a red gym you are gonna get a flare on. And so on and so forth.go to the proper color gym to evolve it into exactly what you want every time. You are all welcome

        • David Bybee


    • Tao

      This is another lie rumor. I evolved 3 in the same spot at the same time (10:35) with different moves and sizes and got 2 jolteon and a flareon

  • albert apodaca

    I thought it was gps to but i got a water and fire one at the same place in my house i think it may have to do with the attacks that the eve has i have three vaporians so next one im going to try is going to have quick attack and swift… i think most have quick attack and dig which is vaporian not sure what fire one is yet … i have alot of eve in my area…

  • Justin

    I’ve evolved evee 3 times and I’ve gotten vaporeon everytime. Different locations everything also. I have vaporeons ranging from 533-697

    • thatguymage

      I wish we could trade. I’ve evolved 3 eevee as well, and they are all jolteon. ? I really want vaporeon!

  • Tyler Coleman

    It’s based on what their special attack is

    • Tao

      “It’s what the article specifically says is wrong”
      Thanks for stating falsehoods that have been proven wrong as fact. You’re really helping everyone out with your ignorance

      • Tyler Coleman

        Well don’t you sound like an asshole..sorry but that’s what has worked for me and every person that I know who has evolved their eevees. And it’s a game bro chill out. You’ll live to evolve your eevees another day.

        • Mikel Gaming TV

          if you read any comment, literally everyone has said the same thing and everyone has been proven wrong, it was a rumour from days ago and it has been proven wrong by almost anyone whos tried it.

  • Orukal

    Easy, trainers. It’s random. It’s ok. There doesn’t need to be an explanation or reason.

  • Charlie Pitre

    Good lord! Did none of you read what they said here? All of you that say it’s by what attack Eevee has. It says it’s been proven that’s not the case. Both of mine had different attacks and both evolved to Jolteon, so that doesn’t matter. Environment doesn’t matter, I’m a truck driver and each of mine were evolved in different states, one in southern Texas, the other in central Kentucky. One in hot and dry climate and the other on a rainy day. Both Eevee were also caught in different states, so that doesn’t matter either. Random, totally random.

  • Cody Moyer

    It goes by the weight of the eevee. Xl is vaporeon, normal is jolteon, Xs is flareon

    • thatguymage

      False. All 3 of my jolteon are xs weight.

    • Tao

      I wish idiots that didn’t find out for sure wouldn’t state their guesses as fact.

    • SaturnGrl

      My Vaporeon was from an XS. Got both Flareons from a normal weight, and an XL Eevee.

  • S7ormBlade

    Hmmm I randomly came on here wandering about eevvee’s evolution in PKG. I have a acc on here for some reason too xD

  • Andrew Chondropoulos

    It has to do with weight.

    • Tao

      Also heavily disproved. I’ve seen several xs become jolteon while my xl became jolteon as well

  • Random 00

    It depends on the second move.i know swift is vaporeon..

    • Tao

      Wrong. My eevee with swift became jolteon

  • a_hat

    The number of times people have said it’s based on special move despite the overwhelming number of comments disproving that theory on this one comment board is mildly astounding.

  • Tvoigt

    It might have something to do with the height of the Pokemon

  • I haven’t evolved one yet, but based on the article and comments it’s pretty safe to assume it’s entirely random. I’m okay with that.

  • Mike Pesci

    Wait, who ever wrote this article, did you really try to say the most well known pokemon is eevee? Why did you write this article if you weren’t even gonna think about it?

  • John H


  • Anonymous

    I think it has to do with the last team gym you fought at or are near. I got my flareon after supporting my home team Valor and Jolteon right after I battled a gym controlled by team instinct.

  • Cheyenne Thornton

    I got Jolteon and Vaporeon in the same area. No luck with Flareon yet but holding out hope to get it her before my boyfriend does! Lol we’re both trying to find all the eevee we can

  • Dakota Greenhalgh

    Can you only have two of the evolutions at a time? I had a jolteon and vaporeon until I evolved another eevee, which evolved into flareon, and my vaporeon disappeared.

    • SaturnGrl

      No, the game has some awful glitches that screws with Pokemon inventory sometimes. I had a Nidorina vanish from my inventory after an “Error” occurred when I was transferring low level Nidorans to clear out my inventory and get candies. Had 60-candies saved up for the next evolution, then the game deleted her somehow. Now I have to start at square one again to get my Nidoqueen.

  • SaturnGrl

    I once thought it might be based on the time of day, because I evolved a Flareon during the afternoon, and a Vaporeon at night…but then I tried an evolution in the early morning, and got another Flareon. So I think that’s debunked as well, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment to find a pattern if there is one.

  • Craig Dunn

    I am on the blue team and I got a Vaporeon. I wonder if it has to do with your team color. My son suggested this.

    • Megan C

      I’m on red team and got Vaporeon.

  • Dominic

    I heard ot was based on time of day you evolve them.

  • Will shine

    Its random. Caught my first Eevee by sitting down watching tv. In fact I’ve caught over 20 just by sitting down in my apartment so I’m saying that the myth you need to be moving to find your next pokemon is a myth too…

  • Psychosocial_Maggot

    I found this recently and it gives me reason to believe that which of the three eeveeloutions is more based on the either location or weather conditions rather than RNG.

    • David Bybee

      pokemon go is not connected to a wheather app so thats imposssible

  • pokemon master

    expand ur knowledge!

    Body slam- Jolteon
    Swift- Vaporeon
    Dig- Flareon

    • FYI

      This was disproved..

  • Gaspochkin

    I live in a coastal area teaming with horseas, shelders, squirtles, magikarps etc. The only Eevee evolution I’ve seen thus far at any gym and myself is vaporion. I wonder if it is due to local geography.

  • Nora

    Depnds on what attacks they have

  • Eric Grimes

    Evolve seems to be totally random.. I evolved two eevee back to back and got flareon and vaporeon

  • Matt

    It is based on Eevee’s move set. Swift = Jolteon, Body Slam = Vaporeon, and Dig = Flareon.

    • Megan C

      Did you even read the article?

  • Megan C

    The only suggestion I have’t seen on here is whether it depends on CP. And Evee is definitely not one of the most popular catches here in Chicago at least. If I see one pop up “nearby” when I’m home, I run around the block.

  • Brad Kratz

    Yeah its random. I swam all the way down to Antarctica and got a Flareon.. that was a bummer.. I then road my bike up to an active volcano, traversed the rim and sat near the magma… I got a Jolteon. NOW! the say there is no water on the moon, So as I type this I am traveling up in my homemade rocket to test if I get a Vaporeon.. will report soon.

  • Tori

    It’s definitely not the weather. I live in Oregon and I evolved four of my Eevee’s and they were all Flareon. It’s also not the team I’m on because I’m team Mystic.

  • muchrespect

    I think it is based somehow on location, I have evolved four so far at my house and each one has been a Flareon. I’ll continue trying but in the next town

  • DBKai

    Vaporeons spawn near water, Flareons spawn near parking lots and Jolteons spawn near train tracks.

  • Rick Astraeus4 (Astraeus4)

    So far, after 12 evolutions, all 8 of my highest cp have turned into flareon. Only the lower cp turned into 1 jolteon and 3 vaporeon. I caught 1 vap in the wild

  • Lewis Younger-Cooper

    Does anyone know what the theorised connections between attacks and eeveelution were?

  • Sharrie

    What I’ve noticed with ALL the Pokemon, not just the Eevee, is what they evolve into depends on what their attach skill is. So I wouldn’t advise transferring all the duplicates to the professor, only transfer those Pokemon of the same species that have the same attack skill but a lower CP level.

    • David Bybee


  • Eir Lister

    Environment where you caught it or where you evolve it?

  • Covertspoon

    See here is the thing i caught my jolteon at a electrical and plumming store and then evolved my other eevee into a vaporeon and i haven’t been around any water since i downloaded the game.

  • Anthony Beckett

    What about the time?

    • Anthony Beckett

      Like it could be a different one every minute, as there are three, and it would add up every hour, or to be simpler, it could also be morning, afternoon, evening.

  • Pokèmon Eevee RULES!!

    I got Joteon when I was at a Power Plant. ( I was looking for a Charizard there) Then I got my Vaporeon when I was boating on the Ohio River. Then I went to a Firestation and evolved Eevee and I got Flareon! It all depends on locations. I’m going to go to other landmarks that have Electricity, Water and Fire. To test out my theory again.

  • Bijan Khadembashi

    it is determined by the nearest gym. (colour coded)

  • klyno

    On the 10 evee that I evolved, I’ve got 9 vaporeon and 1 flareon.. I really don’t understand.

    • David Bybee

      random is not hard to understand

  • payton

    if you look at the attack that your Eevee has before you evolve it will tell you what you will get. Water gun is vaporeon. Body slam is jolteon. But I don’t know what flareon is.

  • Lucas

    If the eevee has dig it turns into flareon if it has swift it turns into jolteon and if it has body slam it turns into a Vaporeon

  • LuckyMe

    Pay attention to which Evee you have. There are some Evees with the second move as body slam, swift, or dig. Based on your second move is what your Evee will evolve into. If your second move is body slam then you will get a Jolteon. If it is swift then you will get Vaporeon. If it is dig then you will get Flareon. MYSTERY SOLVED! lol

    • David Bybee


  • William Costner

    Check the nearest gym when you evolve it. I’ve only evolved one (as I don’t catch many in my area) but Mine evolved into a vaporeon and all three gyms around me are owned by blue team. Maybe it has something to do with that (and if there are no gyms, it’s random?) just a guess. Also, it could have to do with their attack stat. Mine was 362… Compare to yours

  • Ritsuka Aoyagi

    It’s actually based on Eevee’s attack so if Eevee’s 2nd attack was body slam you will get jolteon if the 2nd attack was swift it will evolve into vaprion

  • Xxxx

    It’s based off the attack it has

    Dig= Jolteon
    Swift= Vaporeon
    Body Slam= Flareon

    You’re welcome

  • Random dude

    It’s based on what ever had as moves.
    Tackle / dig
    Quick attack / swift
    Quick attack / body slam
    Each one will evolve a different one

  • Aelunira D’Aine

    I have gotten Jolteon eight (yes EIGHT) times in a row. I have tried each at different power levels and at different times of the day and with different weather . . . ALL JOLTEON! I am getting sick of it. Why not get an item or have a way to change it or select? RNG says Jolteon too many times for my tastes . .. guess ima gonna go play with Snorlax instead

  • PokeElementz

    It’s based on their weight. XL- fire XS-water and normal -jolten

  • Crabs


    • David Bybee

      nope not true

  • jb

    the eevees special is what will determine which eevee you get if im not mistaken

  • voodoogirl47

    It’s random unless an easter egg in the game that will specify it is used.

    To make Eevee evolve into the one you want, nickname it accordingly.

    Sparky – Jolteon
    Rainer – Vaporeon
    Pyro – Flareon

  • Jennifer Johnson

    My daughter evolved a Flareon while overlooking a volcano at Volcanoes National Park. Even if it was random, it sure made for a fun moment. :)

  • Jtwolfy

    Look up the Eevee brothers for the solution.
    Name your eevees accordingly..
    Sparky = jolteon
    Pyro = Flareon
    Rainer = Vaporeon
    100% success rate!

    • Grimgee

      This does not always work 100% … i tried 3 times to get the Vaporeon with the charge move i wanted and the 1st Rainer turned into a Vap, the 2nd Rainer turned into a Flareon and the 3rd time Rainer was a Vap again. I did all 3 of them from my couch in succession.

      • David Bybee

        confirmed does not work

  • Hannah

    nickname ot this otherwise its random
    Sparky = Jolteon

    Rainer = Vaporeon

    Pyro = Flareon

  • Steve Durns

    I want originals

  • Steve Durns

    I thought originals would be the only 3 because I thought the game was based off the original150 Pokemon but I evolved 2 and it added 151 and 152 espeion and sylvion

    • David Bybee


  • Steve Durns

    Both were at 800 when evolved and one was at 18 when evolved sweet jump in power

  • TheAquaticApe

    I’ve literally evolved 2 jolteons, 6 vaporeons, and no flareons yet.

  • Zski91

    You have to name them after there trainers. If you want a jolteon name it sparky before evolution, if you want a flareon name it pyro, and if you want a vaporeon name it rainer. It works every time that is how you choose which one.YOU’RE WELCOME!!

  • Lauren

    It’s all about renaming Eevee before selecting evolve:
    Sparky = Eevee will evolve into Jolteon
    Rainer = Eevee will evolve into Vaporeon
    Pyro = Eevee will evolve into Flareon

    • Grimgee

      This does not always work… i tried 3 times to get the Vaporeon with the attack (charge move) i wanted and the 1st Rainer turned into a Vap, the 2nd Rainer turned into a Flareon and the 3rd time Rainer was a Vap again. I did all 3 of them from my couch in succession… so this is not 100% of the time

  • Hanuman Bajrangbali

    i got many eeves, but i changed their name to the respective nicknames of the three evolutions. Suprisingly i got those ones,
    Eevee 1: name: Pyro Evolution: Flareon
    Eevee 2: name: Sparky Evolution: Jolteon
    Eevee 3: name: Rainer Evolution: Vaporeon
    And yes it did work, my friend only got one eevee able to be evolved and named it rainer and he got vaporeon. So far it works but it may be coincedence, perhaps anyone else could try???

  • N0N8

    So if u want a jolton name him Sparky if u want a Vaporeon Name him Rainer if u want a Flarion name him Pyro. UR WELCOME

    • David Bybee

      for a trick tha does not work?

  • Samantha Mccoy

    Idk if this will work or if I’m just lucky, but I got vaporeon on a Saturday in the middle of the day, jolteon on Wednesday around 5-6 a.m. And flareon on Thursday around 6-9 p.m.

  • Peri Winkle

    there is a way that you can choose, but each only once.

    Sparky = jolteon
    Rainer = vaporeon
    Pyro = flareon

    • David Bybee

      not 100%

  • Jim

    If you name yur eevee pyro when you catch it, you’ll get a flareon when you evolve it. Same goes for sparky to get a jolteon and Rainer for a Vaporeon

  • Sham

    Nickname your Eevee after one of the Eevee brothers to get your desired Eeveelution-
    Sparky = Jolteon
    Rainer = Vaporeon
    Pyro = Flareon
    I have tried it on a few Eevees and so have friends, and we’ve seen a 100% success rate.

  • JRae

    Could it depend on what kind of attack they have that decides what they evolve into ?

  • PokemonTrainer

    Guys i found the trick to them evolving no its not the surrondings but when you capture it rename it – sparky = Jolteon like the tv show and once you rename it Evolve the eevee and it will become a jolteon or whatever u wanted :) by the way this has been proven by many pokemon fans :) there is a whole post on reddit

    • JRae


  • K

    I came across a post on tumblr that says
    “If you’re old enough, you may remember that in the original show there was an episode featuring the “Eevee brothers”. They were 3 trainers who each had an evolution of Eevee. Each Pokemon had a nickname. Jolteon being named Sparky, Flareon named Pyro, and Vaporeon being named Rainer. If you name your Eevee in Pokemon Go one of those nicknames, when you evolve it it will turn into that particular evolution.”
    I’m not sure if it’s true but it’s worth a try.

  • Eb

    You have to change their names to the three original pokemon.
    Pyro= flareon
    Sparky= jolteon
    It really works!

  • Emberson Jay

    It is based on CP. I tested this, and Eevees with the same CP evolve into the same Eeveelution.

  • camille

    there is a way to pick the evolution. rename the eevee Rainer, Pyro, or Sparky, based on which evolution you desire. then close the app and reload to the eevee, make sure the name change was saved then evolve. Has worked 100%

  • Riwan

    The way you control it is by name changing
    An never named Pyro will become a flaereon, Rainer for a vapoureon and Sparky for a Jolteon.

  • Levi

    Naming eevee Pyro will get you Flareon and Rainer will get you Vaporeon and Sparky will get you Jolteon

  • thatbeccagrrrl

    You need to change their name. Pyro = flareon. Rainer = vaporeon. Sparky = jolteon.

  • Not a Dorkisaurus

    I have found there is a way to change what your Eevee will evolve to. If you name it Rainer, it will most likely become a vaporeon, or if it has an attack called swift. For Joleton, name your Eevee Sparky, or if it has an attack of Bodyslam (I kinda forgot the moves the Jolteon and Flareon Eevee will have), and for Flareon, name your Eevee Pyro, or has an attack of dig (I think)

  • JAXN

    If you name it “sparky” it will turn in jolteon, “pyro” for flareon and “Rainer” for vaporeon.

  • bgyanmanandhar

    There aare thRee types of evee dig will evolve into jolteon swift type evee in vaporean n another in flareOn

  • Whippy

    Apparently naming your Eevee which you will evolve can decide what it will be…

    Sparky = Jolteon
    Pyro = Flareon
    Rainer = Vaporeon

  • Monster

    It’s all about naming your eevee you can look up different names like to get the fire type rename your eevee pyro to get the water type name it Rainer and for the electric type name it sparky

  • Helene

    Apparently you Can choose which pokemon eevee should evolve into. You do this by changing the name of the eevee to the name of the evolved eevee you want, and when you evolve it should turn it into the ‘chosen’ one. Otherwise it will choose randomly for you..

  • Samantha

    You should try naming them sparky for jolteon, Rainer for vaporeon and pyro to get flareon. I did this with 2 of my eevees and I got both a jolteon and a vaporeon

  • tharall

    Actually if you name your eevee like one of the three brothers in the anime, that helps. So you just gotta choose which evolution you want and name your eevee like the brother eho had that evolution

  • Kimberly Michelle Garza

    Ok this is a bit helpeful I was thinking it went my by move. The envirnment does not matter as I have two Vaporeons and two Flareons and I evolved them all in my house. Im still waiting on Jolteon….

  • SaturnGrl

    So I tested this with a few of my friends. We caught several Eevees, and saved up our candies. We selected a few in our inventory, and each of us went with one of the names for our three. I named all three of mine “Sparky”, while my friends too the other two names.

    We each evolved the three after following the instructions of restarting the game. 2 of the 3 “Sparky” eevees were Jolteons, and one turned into a Vaporeon. So it seems to increase the odds…but its not 100%.

    Same happened to my friends. The one who named three of his after Rainer, Got two Vaporeons, and a Flareon, not in that order.

    My other friend who named his three Pyro, got only one Flareon, but it was on his first try.

    So, as mentioned, seems to INCREASE the chance, but it is not 100% guaranteed. Its still up to chance.

  • Sonia Valle

    Nickname them. To get what you want.

  • Sonia Valle

    Rainer for Vaporeon

  • Tok

    Name them pyro / sparky / Rainer. Thats how i got mine to evolve at will.

  • Kaci McCall

    Reportedly there is a hack where you have to edit your Evee’s name to Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon!! Click on the pencil to edit their name. Make sure itvsaves, amd even wait a while to make sure the save updates on the server. When you evolve that Evee it should evolve based on the name you chose. Check you tube for tips…

  • Geo Vong

    Guys, if you rename the Eevee before evolve, u can get what you want regardless of where you at or weather condition etc… Here are the way to pick. Rename Eevee to Sparky and it will evolve to Jolteon(lightning pokemon).
    Rename it to Pyro will get you Fire pokemon, Rename it to Rainer will get you water pokemon.
    Good luck.
    Glad to help.

  • Norway

    To get the different eevee’s, change the name of eevee to pyro for flareon, sparky for joeltoen¿ and rainer for vaperoen :-)

  • marina

    It has to do with the names of the three eevee brothers. I typed pyro into my eevee name slot and when it evolved I got a flareon. I typed sparky in my other one and I got a jolteon. I haven’t caught enough eevees to evolve my other one using Rainer’s name but I’m planning on doing so.

  • Jacob

    If you want flareon then name the evee Pyro, for vaporeon name it Rainer for Jolteon name it Sparky. It has to be spelled exactly and with first letter capital. Once you have done it, restart the game to make sure it has happened. I have had 100% success rate with this. Hope this helps.

  • Zephyr

    Theres actually a way to choose, when you tap a pokemon there will be a grey pencil next to their name so you can change it to what you want, if you change it to Rainer you will get Vaporeon, Pyro will get Flareon and Sparky will get Jolteon, havent tried it myself yet though

  • Kati P

    Before you evolve it, nickname it one of these three names: Pyro, Rainer, or Sparky. Rainer turns into Vaporeon, Sparky turns into Jolteon, and Pyro turns into Flareon. I’ve tested it with a few friends, it works every single time!

  • Jenny

    I named one of my Eevee “Pyro” and it evolved into a Flareon. I’ve also heard that if you name them “Rainer” you get a Vaporeon, and “Sparky” for a Jolteon.. Haven’t been able to test this yet tho..


    Naming your Eevee determines the eeveelution.. ‘Rainer’ gives a Vaporeon, ‘Pyro’ gives a Flareon, ‘Sparky’ gives a Jolteon…

  • Nathan Park

    Name Eevee “Pyro” and it evolves into Flareon. Name it “Rainer” for the water type and “Sparky” for electric. You’re welcomed.

  • Dat Boi

    change your eevee’s name rainer=vaporeon sparky=jolteon pyro=flareon. you welcome

  • Jeff Rose

    It has to do with the power up level. 600 = jolteon. 800 = flareon, 1000 = vaporeon.

  • MachineX9

    The name trick is confirmed to work. Three names in particular:
    Want a Vaporeon? name your Eevee Rainer
    Want a Jolteon? name your Eevee Sparky
    Want a Flareon? name your Eevee Pyro.

    • David Bybee

      confirmed not to work

  • mfkdsmnjn

    if it has body slam it is a vaporeon

  • Orukal

    Yes, Niantic confirmed at ComicCon that the naming trick actually does work, but no, mfkdsmnjn, what attack the Eevee has does not effect which evolution you get. It’s random, otherwise.

  • Inquisitively

    Name your Eevee “Rainer” to evolve it into a Vaporeon.
    Name your Eevee “Pyro” to evolve it into a Flareon.
    Name your Eevee “Sparky” to evolve it into a Jolteon.
    The naming technique works—successful experiments have shown that every time you name your Eevee one of those three names and you evolve it, the Eevee will evolve into its name’s respective evolution. If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself! Name your Eevee either of the three names provided above, and it will evolve into its name’s respective evolution!
    I’m honestly surprised few people on this site know about this naming technique. This “Choose your Eeveelution” easter egg has been around for quite a while, and many people elsewhere know about it.
    For any of you who are interested in knowing WHY Niantic implemented this naming technique, it’s because of the Pokemon anime episode, called “The Battling Eevee Brothers.” Niantic referenced that Pokemon anime episode when they added the naming technique to the game, as the first brother’s name is Rainer, the second brother’s name is Sparky, and the third brother’s name is Pyro.
    Trust me, the naming technique works perfectly! You’ll get the Eeveelution you want by simply naming your Eevee one of the names I listed at the beginning of this post.
    By the way, I named my Eevee “Pyro” and it evolved into a Flareon! I named another Eevee “Sparky” and it evolved into a Jolteon. I have yet to try “Rainer” on another Eevee, but I’m sure that the naming technique will cause it to evolve into a Vaporeon!

  • Mike Brannen

    I honestly think it might have something to do with the starter Pokemon you choose as I took squirte and seem to get Cameron more than any other my gf chose charmander and she usually get flareon

  • Brad

    I named my eevee Pyro and he evolves to Flareon.

  • Brad

    So name Rainer, pyro and sparky and you will get what you want

  • Evan O’Grady

    If you haven’t gotten a vaporeon then you can pick vaporeon by naming the the eevee Rainer. Same case for flareon and jolteon but for flareon it’s Pyro and for jolteon it’s Sparky

  • Noura zakaria

    Some people say that u have to change the name of your eevee before evolving it and that it will give you a different one

  • M

    My sister showed me something where u change the name of your eevee before u evolve it. I changed the name to Sparky and it turned into a Jolteon.

  • Jaykob

    Its what u name ur pokemon rainer sparky and pyro

  • Stephanie Nichole

    I changed the names of my eevee like pyro for flareon and it evolved into it bc i was getting all water type

  • a

    there was an episode of pokemon where three brothers had the three main eevee evolutions. If you nickname your eevee to one of the brothers names you’ll get that specific eeveelution when you evolve your eevee. For example I nicknamed my eevee “sparky” and I got the jolteon

  • Shaun

    You must change there name in to THE nickname of THE Pokemon, sparky, rainer, pyro

  • Kristoph

    people say naming it Rainer makes it a vaporeon but I’ve evolved one. so I don’t have a huge test group. but it did work the one time.

  • Kristoph

    According to this post on the /r/pokemongo subreddit, you can force your Eevee to evolve a certain way by changing its nickname before evolving it to:

    Pyro to evolve into Flareon
    Sparky to evolve into Jolteon
    Rainer to evolve into Vaporeon
    (These are the names of Eevee Brothers from the TV series/Manga)

    If your Eevee has any other nickname, the evolution will be completely random.

    This technique will only work once per evolution. For example, if you have already evolved an Eevee named Rainer into a Vaporeon, evolving another Eevee named Rainer will result in a random evolution.

  • Lily

    If you name your Eevee Sparky (for Jolteon), Pyro (Flareon), or Rainer (Vaporeon) before evolving it, you’ll get whichever one you want. This only works if you have never evolved it beforehand

  • Jen

    There is a little easter egg that was put into the games.Name your Eevee “Pyro” to get flarion, “Rainer” to get vaporion, and “Sparky” to get a joltion.

  • Ryan Marshall

    Change the name of your Eevee. Sparky is jolten, pyro is flareon,an Rainer is vaperon. What I want to know is how u get more than one evolved I have 7 flareons. The name change only works once. Make sure u evolve a high Pokemon

  • Ryan Marshall

    Auto correct sucks, pyro is flatiron. What I want to know is how u can evolve more than one. I have 7 flatirons, the name change only works once. So make sure u evolve a high Pokemon.

  • Chuck Rosario

    I had done it by moves and have always obtain the Pokemon I have aimed for. With the new update, however, I have not yet checked to see if they have actually made it random

  • JMJ8679

    Use nicknames:

    Jolteon – Sparky
    Vaporeon – Rainer
    Flare on – Pyro

    Seems to have worked flawlessly for my husband and I.

  • Edwin van Vliet

    Easter egg:
    You choose the evolution by nicknaming the unevolved Eevee: Sparky for Jolteon, Pyro for Flareon and Rainer for Vaporeon. Vaporeon may be the strongest of the three right now, but it’s got the lamest name. At this point I’ve tried all three, and I can confirm that they work. You can always change the name later if using one of those three seems a little gauche.


  • MilkyTotoro

    I think it’s bc of the name bc I got a flareon and I named it Pyro at first

  • Jaden Kruse

    Vapeoreon- name eevee ‘Rainer’
    Jolteon- name it ‘Sparky’
    Flareon- name it ‘Pyro’

  • Jaden Kruse

    And then evolve it

  • Ashley Smith

    I heard its nickname

  • Britt

    If you name your eevee after the three brothers Rainer, Sparky and Pryo they will evolve into vaporeon, jolteon and flareon. I did that and it works ?

  • Tee

    It has to do with how you name your Eevee. If you leave it with no nickname it will be random, but if you want to evolve it into something specific, you use a nickname. In this case, the name Pyro will make it a Flareon, Rainer a Vaporeon, and Sparky a Jolteon.

  • Amanda

    Uh, no. You want a vaporeon name it rainer. Want a jolteon name it sparky. Want a flareon name it phyro. Did it and it works for me everytime. I have two of each now.

  • Luca Milner

    I’ve got a flareon there the best , I live in Portugal

  • Luca Milner

    I need a vaporeon I’m soooo sad (only one ever)

  • Dan Wyman (Metalheads Unite Fo

    I used the 3names of the trainer’s from the show and got all 3 that way on first try. So the name’s do seem to Work. Don’t remember them off the top of my head but you can find them out in Google. Like I did. Good luck.

  • Dan Wyman (Metalheads Unite Fo

    I got all 3 on first try by using the name’s of the trainer’s from the show. Can’t remember them right now but you can find them with Google. I named them all after a different trainer’s name and got each evolution. Worked great for me and some of my friends. Good luck.

  • Don Busse

    It can be altered based on changing his nickname. Rainer gets you vaporian, pyro gets you Flareon and sparky gets you Jolteon

  • ALR

    If you name your eevee’s after one of the eevee brothers, there is a way higher chance you will get it.
    It’s not guaranteed, but it is way higher.

  • Justin

    Just name your eevee Rainer for vaporeon, Pyro for flareon and sparky for jolteon.

  • Christy Gallant

    Not sure if anyone has said this but you can control the choice. You can have all 3 regardless of the team you are on, or when you evolve them. You don’t have to evolve them at the same time either. I didn’t. To get all 3 name each one Rainer, Sparky and Pyro prior to evolving them.

  • GoldRook 111

    nicknames – rainer = vapreon
    not sure what flareon is

  • Maj

    If you have not evolved an evee yet Rename them Rainer for Vaporean Pyro for Flareon and sparky for jolteon after you have renamed them close out the app completely and relaunch it to make sure the name has taken then evolve the. each one will be what you want but this will only work if you HAVE NOT evolved any evee yet. once you have 1 of each it no longer will work with changing the name. after you have 1 of each it’s purely luck from there on.

  • Maj

    The reason for the names is simple to die hard Pokemon fans but for those of you who are new to the pokemon world the names are based on specific characters and so it is an ode to the show to make this possible in the game.
    I’m sorry if any of you have evolved an evee before renaming them, you can try and rename 1 or 2 if you dont have a 1 you’re looking for but I’m not sure if it will work.
    Good luck to all and I hope this has helped.

  • Jannel

    You can obtain all three by using the old names: Pyro, Rainer and Sparky. This only controls the evolution for three turns. After three it’s completely randomized.

  • DoomRanger

    Just use the re- naming method
    Sparky for Jolteon
    Rainer for Vaporeon
    Pyro for Flareon

    Remember to use Caps for the first letter for eg Sparky instead of sparky
    Also double check if the name has really changed by re- launching the app (Safety precautions)


  • OMG

    OMG HI

  • Sci_Tron

    It might be sue to the catch location. Recently, the people at Niantic added back the location where you caught a pokemon, which might influence what the eevee will evolve into.

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