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Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Guide – Fortree City Gym (Leader Winona)

by Dean James


After taking down the fifth gym leader in Norman and the very strange Normal type Petalburg City Gym, we once again return to a little more typical gym in Fortree City. In a city full of trees, it is no big shock that the leader Winona and her trainers use Flying type Pokemon to battle.

Every single Pokemon used in the gym is not only Flying, but some other type as well. This alternates between Normal, Steel, Water, and even Dragon. As a result, an Electric type will be your best bet throughout the gym here, with the only time it won’t be all that effective is against the Flying/Dragon dual type. This means you may want to try and have some sort of Ice type move to help as well.

The gym itself is very straight forward, though the last part can be a little tricky but with a little trial and error can be passed without much problem. These are all of the trainers you will face as you run through the Fortree City Gym in search of your 6th gym badge.

Bird Keeper Jared


-Swellow – Level 30 (Normal/Flying)

-Skarmory – Level 30 (Steel/Flying)

Picnicker Kylee


-Swablu – Level 31 ( Normal/Flying)

Camper Terrell


-Doduo – Level 28 (Normal/Flying)

-Pelipper – Level 30 (Water/Flying)

Bird Keeper Will


-Dodrio – Level 32 (Normal/Flying)

Bird Keeper Bran


-Pelipper – Level 32 (Water/Flying)

Gym Leader Winona


-Swellow – Level 33 (Normal/Flying)

  • Moves:
    • Double Team
    • Aerial Ace
    • Quick Attack
    • Endeavor
  • Strategy: Utilize the strategy for most of the gym by using an Electric attack. An Ice type move is just as good as well.

-Altaria – Level 35 (Dragon/Flying)

  • Moves:
    • Dragon Breath
    • Earthquake
    • Roost
    • Cotton Guard
  • Strategy: An Electric type isn’t a downright bad matchup here as it will deal normal damage, but the Earthquake attack at Altaria’s disposal will destroy just about any Electric type very quickly. As a result, try to have some sort of Ice type move to use here or just work quickly.

-Pelipper – Level 33 (Water/Flying)

  • Moves:
    • Water Pulse
    • Protect
    • Aerial Ace
    • Roost
  • Strategy: Electric type, no questions asked. Does 4X damage and takes it down in one hit more than likely.

-Skarmory – Level 33 (Steel/Flying)

  • Moves:
    • Sand Attack
    • Air Cutter
    • Aerial Ace
    • Steel Wing
  • Strategy: Electric and Fire types are the only ones that will do super effective damage here, so go with either one of those, with the former being your best strategy since it worked in the rest of the gym.

Rewards: Feather Badge, TM19 Roost

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