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Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Guide – Lavaridge Town Gym (Leader Flannery)

by Dean James


After conquering Mt. Chimney, it is time to head down the mountain to Lavaridge Town, the home of the fourth gym in the game. To little surprise, the Gym Leader Flannery utilizes Fire type Pokemon to battle. Those who chose Mudkip at the start will be in fantastic shape here, but it might be a little more dicey otherwise if you have not found a good Water type, or even someone with a Water move like Masquerain. A good Ground or Rock type will do wonders here as well. This gym takes a little more strategy to navigate, so we will also provide instructions on how to make it through the gym.

Below are the list of Trainers that players will get to meet in the Lavaridge Gym and the Pokemon that they will use:

After starting, move forward and fall through the trap door. Walk right and stand on the right platform that will rise up, where the first trainer will await you.

Kindler Cole


-Numel – Level 23 (Fire/Ground)

-Slugma – Level 23 (Fire)

Move behind the first trainer and get onto the next platform that will be a trap door in disguise. When you are in the room with three platforms, move towards the far left platform, where you will be attacked by a hidden trainer.

Ninja Boy Hiromichi


-Koffing – Level 24 (Poison)

After the battle, stand on the platform on the far left that we were trying to get to prior, which will rise up. Directly in front of you will be the next trainer.

Kindler Axle


-Slugma – Level 25 (Fire)

Once defeating the trainer, you will instantly see the next trainer ahead of you as well. Move forward and challenge her to a battle.

Battle Girl Sadie


-Meditite – Level 26 (Fighting/Psychic)

After defeating her, step on the platform directly in front of her to fall through another trap door. Move to the right and between the second and third platform will be another hidden Ninja Boy.

Ninja Boy Shoji


-Koffing – Level 24 (Poison)

After defeating the boy, step onto the third platform that will rise up and take you directly to another trainer.

Ace Trainer Zane


-Slugma – Level 24 (Fire)

-Kecleon – Level 26 (Normal)

After that battle, go down and fall down yet another trap door. Before stepping on the other platform in the room, you will get in another trainer battle.

Kindler Andy


-Numel – Level 25 (Fire/Ground)

Now, step on the final platform and you will finally rise to face the fiery Gym Leader Flannery.

Gym Leader Flannery


-Slugma – Level 26 (Fire)

  • Moves:
    • Overheat
    • Sunny Day
    • Rock Throw
    • Light Screen
  • Strategy: The most obviously option, as said above, is going to be to use a Water type if you chose Mudkip at the beginning. otherwise a good strategy can be Numel as its Fire type won’t be affected much and can use Ground moves to deal super effective damage. A Rock type can also do very well here.

-Torkoal – Level 28 (Fire)

  • Moves:
    • Overheat
    • Sunny Day
    • Curse
    • Body Slam
  • Strategy: Use the exact same strategy as with Slugma.

-Numel – Level 26 (Fire/Ground)

  • Moves:
    • Sunny Day
    • Earth Power
    • Lava Plume
    • Amnesia
  • Strategy: This is the one where Water will be most effective, as it is not only strong to the Fire type, but also the Ground. Otherwise, a Ground type can do well here. Rock should not be used here though, due to the Ground type.

Rewards: Heat Badge, TM50 Overheat

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