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Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Guide – Rustboro City Gym (Leader Roxanne)

by Dean James


After the opening and everything where the player will obtain their first Pokemon and Pokedex, the player will venture between a few towns. The first gym will be found in Rustboro City though, where Roxanne resides. Roxanne stands tall behind her rock type Pokemon, which should be a breeze for anyone that chose Treecko or Mudkip as their starter. If you chose Torchic, it might be a good idea to train until it is Level 16 and can learn fighting moves when evolving to Combusken.

Below are the list of Trainers that players will get to meet in the Rustboro City Gym and the Pokemon that they will use:

Youngster Josh


-Geodude – Level 7 (Rock/Ground)

-Geodude – Level 9 (Rock/Ground)

Youngster Tommy


-Geodude – Level 10 (Rock/Ground)

Schoolkid Georgia


-Geodude – Level 10 (Rock/Ground)

Gym Leader Roxanne


-Geodude – Level 12 (Rock/Ground)

  • Moves:
    • Rock Tomb
    • Tackle
    • Defense Curl
  • Strategy: Simple Grass or Water move here will clear out Geodude with ease, as not only is Rock weak to these, but Ground also, so it is even more effective.

-Nosepass – Level 14 (Rock)

  • Moves:
    • Rock Tomb
    • Harden
    • Tackle
  • Strategy: No different from anyone else in the gym, so pound with grass or water moves, or even fighting if gotten as mentioned above.

Rewards: Stone Badge, TM39 Rock Tomb

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