The 5 Strongest ‘Walking Dead’ Characters, Ranked

Outwitting zombies in The Walking Dead isn’t for the faint of heart!

by Kiona Jones
walking dead strongest characters
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So, you want to know our ranking of the strongest characters in The Walking Dead? That’s not an easy list to make. In a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, everyone gets to shine in their own way. Some do it with physical strength; others do it with wit and resilience.

Either way, they find a way to make it as far as possible even when their biggest threats are other humans. It’s tough trying to make it in a world full of so many Negans! Here are the ones who stand head and shoulders above the rest:

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Rosita Espinosa

Image: AMC

Most fans of The Walking Dead remember Rosita (Christian Serratos) as one of the most beautiful women on the show. However, she was lowkey one of its strongest characters as well. She found a way to make the most with the least amount of screentime by fearlessly taking out hordes of zombies.

While Rosita preferred guns, she was just as talented with sharper weapons. Her final moments in the show were both tragic and badass. She managed to hack her way through a horde of zombies only to later succumb to a bite wound in season 11, episode 24, “Rest in Peace”. She died as she lived: kicking serious butt.


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Not all the strongest characters in The Walking Dead were fighting with the good guys. Some of them, like Beta (Ryan Hurst), were a force to be reckoned with in all the worst ways. It helped that he looked like a mixture between The Undertaker and Leatherface.

Beta went from being the renowned country singer Half Moon to wearing the faces of zombies as masks with The Whispers. One of his coolest moments was when he went toe-to-toe with Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in season 9, episode 13, “Checkpoint”. How he walked away from that confrontation is anyone’s guess.

Carol Peletier

Image: AMC

Carol (Melissa McBride) is one of those characters who had to do a lot of growing before she could become the best version of herself. She started off in The Walking Dead as more of a victim – of her abusive husband Ed (Adam Minarovich) and, you know, the whole zombie situation.

Later, though, Carol become of the show’s strongest characters. Her most defining moment happened when she destroyed the bandits of Terminus in season 5, episode 1, “No Sanctuary”. Her willingness to protect the very group she’d been banished from helped her earn a spot among them once more.

Michonne Grimes

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We can’t talk about the strongest characters in The Walking Dead and not mention Michonne (Danai Gurira) at least once. She was an absolute menace with a katana, and we loved her for it. Her marriage to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and having a baby didn’t slow her down a bit. It simply changed her style.

It wasn’t the first time we’d seen a softer side of Michonne, though. Season 3, episode 12, “Clear” was one of the first times we saw how sweet she could be toward kids. She rescued a family photo for Rick’s son Carl (Chandler Riggs) while fighting off zombies. It was a different kind of strength, but no less impressive.

Paul Rovia

Image: AMC

It’s one thing to be known as one of the strongest characters in The Walking Dead. It’s another thing entirely to earn the nickname ‘Jesus’. Somehow, though, that’s exactly what Paul (Tom Payne) managed to do simply by being one of the most capable additions to the team.

Where most characters depended on weapons to get by, Jesus was a beast in hand-to-hand combat. We saw just good he was in season 8, episode 3, “Monsters”. He may have started the fight with Morgan Jones (Lennie James) unarmed, but he stole the other man’s fighting stick and walked away victorious.

Well, that does it for our ranking of the strongest characters in The Walking Dead. Not everyone could survive just about anything those pesky zombies (and peskier humans) have to offer. The ones that do? Have stayed on our minds even after their last hurrah.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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