Is 12 Minutes Available on Xbox Game Pass?

Can You Break Free?

by Aaron Nashar
12 Minutes

Getting stuck in a time loop sure would be frustrating, but when the time loop is repeated every 12 Minutes and always ends with you and your wife killed by a mysterious man, it gets personal. 12 Minutes is a brand new game that promises a mind-bending experience releasing today August 19, 2021, on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The game revolves around only 3 main characters, the player played by James McAvoy trying to have a nice evening with his wife played by Daisy Ridley, and the police officer played by William Dafoe who keeps showing up to kill you both alleging that the wife had previously killed her father.

In a Behind the Scenes look at the developing process, developer Luis Antonio explains what players might expect from this game saying, “If games were film, we’re still in the black and white, silent movie era,” he says. “In the game world, we’re still shooting, shooting, killing, scoring, but we’re slowly finding that this can go somewhere else.”

The game aims to be the ultimate interactive-thriller experience, leaving you going insane trying to figure out a way to live through those repeated 12 Minutes without ending up dead, only to wake up and do it all a little differently hoping for a different outcome.

So, Is 12 Minutes available on Xbox Game Pass?

Simply put, yes. 12 Minutes is available on Xbox Game Pass from the 1st day it launches on PC, Cloud, and Xbox Consoles.

Xbox Game Pass costs as little as $10 a month on PC and Consoles, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is only available for Xbox Consoles at a $15 price point that also includes Xbox Live Gold membership.