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343 Industries Says if you Want Halo Battle Royale Make it Yourself

343 not working on Halo Battle Royale, but you can.

by Jordan Peters


One of the rumors that had been floating around regarding Halo: Infinite was that it would feature some sort of  Battle Royale mode.  Because why not?  Every other big shooter is doing it, it seems.  Those rumors had seemingly been shot down when one of the developers, Jeff Easterling told fans to “calm down” in so many words.

These comments during a Mixer livestream did leave some Halo fans confused, wondering if they meant that they weren’t interested in talking about Halo Battle Royale on the stream, or at all.

It turns out that the latter is the case and that 343 isn’t interested in Battle Royale for Halo Infinite, nor are they working on any such thing.  Frank O’Connor, the Franchise Development lead on Halo cleared the air on Twitter.  O’Connor says that 343 is “not currently working on a Battle Royale mode.”  Though he says that he has “zero objection to the mode itself,” and says that despite it’s recent surge in popularity that the mode and gameplay ideas have been around for a while.

O’Connor gave those wanting a Halo Battle Royale Mode something to think about when he suggested to “make it yourself.”  He told fans to “make a version in Customs with Elimination as a basis.  Obviously it’ll be compromised in terms of size, but you can make something similar now.”

Regardless of the fact that Battle Royale won’t be a focus for Halo Infinite, it looks like the mode is here to stay.  Fortnite continues to surge in 2018, but even with huge numbers of players playing Epic Game’s version of Battle Royale there seems to be plenty of players who are interested in the mode in other games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Realm Royale, and others who are working their way into early access or alpha testing.  Later this year, we’ll see what two big AAA franchises have in store for the genre when both Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 offer Battle Royale Modes in their games.

Microsoft teased Halo Infinite at E3 2018 but didn’t have much to show regarding the game.  It’s expected that the next Halo will arrive in 2019 at the earliest.

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