Altering Garments in Elden Ring Unlocks New Lore According to Player’s Discovery

Finding story out of player clothing.

by Weilong Mao


Lore is a hidden, yet influential aspect of Elden Ring. Much like past Souls-like titles developed by FromSoftware, the story that’s taken place in the Lands Between is not only revealed using in-game cutscenes and the player’s dialogue with other NPCs, but also the descriptions of various weapons, armor, and other collectibles that can be acquired throughout the Tarnished’s journey. The result of which is a devoted yet loyal subset of the player base, dedicated to piecing together the complete narrative of Elden Ring.

It is fair to assume that this was something taken into account by the Development team themselves, as the game is a result of the collaborative effort between FromSoftware and the renowned writer, George RR Martin. Interested in introducing a world that is inspired by different creative influences that diverges from the Dark Souls series of games, the Song of Ice and Fire author was brought in to set the stage for the world’s mythos and key figures, with FromSoftware expanding upon such basis into the game that it is today.

And the Elden Ring community quickly started digging through the lore and narrative tidbits after the game’s release, browsing through the inventory descriptions of various items. This digging came with dividends as players made discoveries from the newly introduced garment-altering system.

A poster on Reddit quote took note of the fact that when an armor piece is altered, the description for said armor piece could potentially change to reflect such alterations. The example used in the post was Blaidd’s armor set, an important character for some of the questlines that players might find themselves stumbling upon whilst playing through Elden Ring.

When this garment-altering system was first introduced, players were curious as to whether or not it would prove to be the equivalent of transmogrification systems found in other games like Destiny or Final Fantasy, where one set of clothing’s appearance is overlayed on top of another without replacing any of the armor specs. This contrasted greatly with the reality of only being able to remove capes or attachments on certain clothes, making the feature a less attractive prospect.

However, with this new revelation of stripped-down articles of clothing having their item descriptions, the garment altering system could become of interest to another set of the existing Elden Ring player base, one that is willing to tinker with the armor sets they’ve acquired to find new lore that might complement the theories they’ve drawn up for the timeline of Elden Ring, and how its world has come to be.

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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