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Battlefield 1 gets Specialized ahead of Russia DLC

by Mark McLean


Battlefield 1 has had a fantastic year. It launched in October and next month will see the release of its second DLC pack ‘In The Name Of The Tsar’, which will focus on the Eastern Front and introduces six new maps and the Russian Empire as a playable faction.

Ahead of the Russia DLC, Swedish developer Dice have announced the return of specializations – generic and class-based upgrades that players can use to tweak or enhance their individual play style. You will be able to assign your soldier with three specializations with any combination of the seven generic perks and the two from your chosen class. The specializations and perks are listed below.


  • Flak: Incoming damager from explosions is reduced by 15%
  • Cover: Incoming suppression is reduced by 25%
  • Quick Regen: Decrease time before Out of Combat Heal by 20%
  • Quick Unspot: Decrease length of time you are Spotted by 2 seconds
  • Bayonet Training: Bayonet charge lasts 1 second longer and recovers 1 second quicker
  • Hasty Retreat: Increase your maximum sprint speed by 10% whilst you are Suppressed
  • Camouflage: When moving slowly or stationary you are invisible to Spot Flares


  • Juggernaut: Your Gas Mask also reduces explosive damage by 15% (does stack)
  • Controlled Demolition: TNT is now detonated sequentially


  • Stimulant Syringe: Reviving an ally give you both a 20% sprint speed for 8 seconds (Does not stack)
  • Concealed Rescue: Downed Squad Mates within 20m drop smoke to cover their revival (40s cooldown)


  • Unbreakable: Incoming suppression is reduced by 75% when your Bipod is deployed
  • Pin Down: The Duration an enemy remains spotted is extended via Suppression


  • Scapegoat: A decoy is automatically deployed when struck below 35 health by a distant enemy (30s cooldown)
  • Perimeter Alarm: When your Trip Mine is triggered enemies within 15m are marked on the mini-map

The details were revealed by a developer on the game’s subreddit which goes on to mention that these are just the first batch of specializations, and will be expanded at a later date.

Specializations are currently being play tested in the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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