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Battlefield 4: Final Stand Coming Next Week

by William Schwartz


Fans awaiting the final DLC for Battlefield 4 can breathe a sigh of relief. Battlefield 4: Final Stand is releasing next week.

Fans of the military shooter, will have access to the content next week. November 18th to be exact. Players will be able to boot up Battlefield 4: Final Stand and enjoy the new snowmobile, hovertank and enjoy the snowy Russian terrain. Players will be shooting up a storm with the Rorsch MK-1 railgun, which is one of the new weapons added with Final Stand. Battlefield 4: Final Stand will add four new maps, the Siberian set Operation Whiteout, the submarine base of Hammerhead, a military installation within Hangar 21 and the weapons factory known as Giants of Karelia.

The November 18th release for Battlefield 4: Final Stand is just for premium members. It allows them a two week head start. Those without a premium membership will be able to purchase the content on December 2nd.

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