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Battlefield Having Double XP Week On Battlefield 4 & Battlefield Hardline

by William Schwartz


Battlefield fans can rejoice, EA has just announced that this week will see an ongoing double xp week until next Monday for both Battlefield: Hardline and Battlefield 4.

EA has announced earlier today via the Battlefield Twitter page that they will be running a double xp week for both Battlefield: Hardline and Battlefield 4. Players will be able to hop on both games no matter the platform and receive double the experience for everything in both games.

This is a great chance for fans to upgrade classes that they normally don’t play as or continue to upgrade your favorite class and max it out. Personally, I like to go in and do a ton of team deathmatches in Battlefield 4 and Blood Money mode in Hardline. The news comes on the heels of a major Battlefield 4 patch hitting later this month. DICE and EA seem to be generous when it comes to double XP so fans should expect another one for Battlefield 4 when the patch hits.

This weeks double xp though is pretty awesome since it lasts the entire week and ends next Monday. It is also available on all platforms, so no matter where you game, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC or even PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 you will still be able to enjoy double Xp on both games this week.

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