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Black Ops beats out Gears of War 3 in launch week?

by William Schwartz


A recent report suggests that Black Ops has beaten out Gears of War 3 in simultaneous online players in the days following the release of the third person shooter.  The website who conducted the survey of the players found that Gears of War 3 peaked at “just over 400,000 across the co-op campaign, Versus, Horde and Beast modes.”

These numbers are by no means official.  We’ll have to wait for word from Major Nelson when he releases his weekly report on the most played Xbox 360 games to find out if these findings are indeed accurate and correct.

The third title in the Gears of War franchise currently sits as the lowest ranking title in the franchise with a metacritic score of 91.  Which is odd, because most reviews say its the best game in the series, including us.

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