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Blizzard Admits They “Failed Horrifically” With Cancelled MMO Titan

by Mike Guarino


Blizzard once had an MMO in the works that was called Titan, though in late 2014 it was cancelled after falling off the radar for several years after its 2010 announcement. While we had little information regarding the game and what ultimately resulted in its cancellation, Blizzard has now revealed more information on what went down.

Blizzard designer Jeff Kaplan recently did an interview with GameSpot, where he admitted that they “failed horrifically” with the development of Titan. He said “You had a really amazing group that was working on Titan. They were really talented individuals, but we failed horrifically in every way … In every way that a project can fail. It was devastating.”

However, it was the failure of Titan that lead to the birth of Overwatch, which is coming later this year. Kaplan revealed they were questioning whether or not they could make great games anymore, saying “I think a lot of us were asking ourselves, on an individual basis, that question. So when it came to move to Overwatch there was an extremely tight bond on the team and a ravenous hunger to show the world that we’re not failures and we can make something really fun.”

Overwatch is set to launch on May 24th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The closed beta is in progress and comes to an end on April 25th, but the open beta will kick off on May 5th.

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