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Blizzard Looking Into Nerfing Widowmaker In Overwatch

by Mike Guarino


If you’ve been playing Overwatch for a while then you’ll know that a lot of people like to pick Widowmaker, which is because she is currently a serious force to be reckoned with. Being capable of taking out enemies comfortably at any range, her kill streaks have lead to the outrage of many gamers.

However, it looks like Blizzard is aware of this and are discussing what they can do to fix her. A post that game director Jeff Kaplan made on the Overwatch forums said the following:

“We are discussing her. We have some internal experiments going to see if we can keep her viable while lowering the frustration threshold a little bit. Right now, this is just exploration. If something more comes of it, we’ll let you know.”

The balancing of heroes in Overwatch has been an ongoing process for Blizzard, with the characters McCree and D.Va getting planned tweaks most recently. Despite the slight frustrations, the game is still incredibly fun and allows you to do well with any of the game’s 21 heroes.

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