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Brock Lesnar Confirmed In EA Sports UFC

by Damian Seeto


Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, will be featured as DLC in the EA Sports UFC video game.

EA is releasing a new “Legends DLC Pack” for EA Sports UFC and Brock Lesnar is one of the featured fighters. He made a big name for himself when he used to fight in the UFC. He became the UFC Heavyweight Champion in a very short time as he claimed the gold in only his fourth MMA fight.

Not to mention Brock Lesnar was the biggest draw in UFC history. UFC 100 to this day is the most bought UFC PPV of all time garnering over 1.6 million buys worldwide.

It’s interesting to see that Brock Lesnar is allowed to be in EA Sports UFC, even though he’s currently signed to WWE. Other WWE wrestlers are barred from appearing in other video games like this, unless they get approval first. Also, EA is a competitor to 2K Sports which publishes WWE 2K15 that Brock Lesnar also stars in.

This kind of proves CM Punk’s point that WWE favors some wrestlers more than others. Brock Lesnar is allowed to do his own thing even though he’s still bound to a WWE contract. Other wrestlers don’t have that much freedom to do this thing.

Could Brock Lesnar’s appearance in EA Sports UFC be a sign that he’s coming back to UFC in 2015?

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