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Expect Two ‘Major’ Titles From Capcom Before Fiscal Year 2019

Capcom has two big releases in store before March 31, 2019.

by Jelani James


Want to know what’s next for Capcom following the runaway success of Monster Hunter: World? Well, it turns out we won’t have to wait too long to find out, as the company has confirmed it plans to released two “major” titles before fiscal year 2019 (March 31, 2018).

This revelation comes via Capcom’s latest financial results presentation which detailed a variety of plans and other bits of information that it has going on behind the scenes. For example, there’s an interesting flowchart (seen below) which illustrates how it expands its business to a broad range of activities and platforms based on its video game brands.


And while on the subject of Monster Hunter: World, following yesterday’s announcement that shipments and digital sales had surpassed 7.9 million, Capcom confirmed that it has in fact shipped eight million units as of April 16.

Now, back to the question you’re probably wondering about: what are these two “major” titles that Capcom plans to release before FY2019?

Based on another slide in the presentation (seen below), it’s safe to assume that the upcoming games will belong to one of the following IPs:


Among these, based on the company’s current lineup, we can safely eliminate Street Fighter (the most recent Street Fighter title, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, arrived in January) and Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter: World is still going strong and Capcom already expressed intent to release “multiple updates” in order to “maintain players’ interest and catalog sales.”

With that in mind, we’re left with Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Dead Rising. We already know that Capcom is working on both Resident Evil 2 Remake and Dead Rising 5, so we’re just waiting for it to formally reveal them. Meanwhile, there is no confirmation that Devil May Cry 5 is real, but between all the tweets from series creator Hideaki Itsuno and a massive leak last year, it might as well be. In fact, many speculated it was going to be revealed last year — especially due to interesting timing from both Capcom and Geoff Keighley — but it was a bust.

Meanwhile, Hideaki Itsuno’s other brainchild, Dragon’s Dogma, is a bit of a wild card. The game was successful enough to warrant the creation of an MMO (which feeds into Capcom’s brand expansion strategy), a remaster came out last year and fans have been begging for a new title for awhile now, so maybe FY2018 could be its year.

In any event, if Capcom sticks to its current plans, we’ll most likely hear about what it has in store for fans at E3 2018.

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