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Carbine outlines the guilds of WildStar

by William Schwartz


From detailing the four paths that influence the way players experience content, to revealing and highlighting all the playable classes, Carbine have finally arrived to the unveiling of how guilds will work in their upcoming sci-fi MMORPG WildStar. In one neatly packaged blog post, the studio has covered the bare basics, the guild-related currency named Influence and an overview of the guild unlocks you’ll be able to purchase with it.

While the rebellious exiles duke it out against the imperial Dominion on the newly discovered world of Nexus, smaller player-run factions will be waging their own micro-wars. Upon creation, guilds will come equipped with the standard collection of features, namely a guild vault, custom guild ranks and full control over who gets to access what. Included in this package is an optional 5% guild tax, which contributes said percentage of found goodies to the shared guild vault.

As has become the unspoken norm in the world of MMO marketing, further details that delve deeper into how guilds work are unraveled by taking outdated potshots at World of Warcraft under the litigation-proof label of “many other MMOs”. The first feature to receive mockery are the guild tabards, tunics that players can display their guild’s emblem on. Named holomarks, WildStar’s equivalent will allow you to broadcast your guild’s emblem — crafted from pre-made shapes — on your character’s body part of choice. Hopefully, crotches are excluded.

Guild Influence is another modern standard yet an important feature that the game will ship with, designed to encourage guild members to spend more time together. “They may raid together, or hang out in the VOIP system of their choice, but individual players tend to wander the open world on their own, their guild being nothing more than a passing word in a nameplate”, so claims the blog post. Influence will be earned by simply playing the game whenever your guild members are in the same group, be it questing or indulging in player-versus-player.

Information regarding what precisely you’ll be able to purchase with Influence is a little lacking, although some examples were given, such as additional bank vaults and the ability to summon fellow guild mates. As far as short-term benefits go, guilds will also be able to purchase timed buffs and consumable items. Neither are provided with examples, however the former is said to act as boosters, increasing the rate at which you gain gold, experience, reputation or likely anything else that can be represented by a bar.

The ambitious MMO is still slated to release this year, developed by industry veterans and combining both classic RPG elements and the more action-oriented gameplay. In order to find out more about the game, you can either check out their official page or their oft-busy YouTube channel.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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