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COD: Ghosts Invasion DLC coming on 6/3 with Favela, Awakening and more


Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Invasion DLC will be arriving on June 3rd, according to an announcement from Activision. The second installment of downloadable content for the shooter will follow a similar path to other Call of Duty map packs.

It will feature four multiplayer maps: Departed, Pharaoh, Mutiny, and a reimagined version of Favela from Modern Warfare 2. Images of the maps leaked yesterday, and can be found here.

Each of the multiplayer maps will feature a unique Killstreak reward, with the Favela seeing the return of the devastating AC-130 gunship.

Players will also be able to continue the storyline of the cooperative Extinction Mode with “Awakening”.

No new weapons were mentioned in the announcement.

COD: Ghosts Invasion DLC will arrive first on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 6/3 for $14.99 or as part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass.

COD: Ghosts Invasion DLC Preview

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